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I want to have an o***** with my boyfriend. H***, I'd settle for one on my own, just without the help of a vibrator. Unfortunately, it's the only way I can c**...and I fake it with my boyfriend every time. I feel terrible. There's just no way for me to tell him the truth; he'd never believe that it's not him, it's me. If he found out now, he would be so hurt.

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  • Its both of u ur trying 2 hard relax hav a drink then both of u dowhat makes u feel good let him use his tongue fingers no rushing ul get there

  • Don't fake anymore and be honest!! Discuss this with him and suggest things that he could do for you,to make you come.Do you actually know,what would make you o*****? C******* stimulation and so forth.In a relationship,your partner and yourself should discuss these things.If you don't,you may start to begrudge your partner in the long run.If you think he'll blame you for not orgasming,it's his ego and pride that's hurt.If its not that and he's just ignorant,maybe you shouldn't be in a relationship with him,in the first place :)

    It's not fair on you,aswell as him,if you aren't honest.

  • First, NEVER, EVER fake an o*****. It destroys trust in a relationship. Work with your boyfriend to improve his technique and bring the vibrator to bed. If you need to use it, use it. My wife refused to m********* when we first started dating. After she watched me m********* and got off on seeing it, she loosened up and began to m*********. Many times during s** I didn't care at all if I came, even though I was perfectly capable. My goal was to make her c**. That got me off. I was perfectly content masturbating into her mouth afterwards, as she loved the taste of my c**. Many nights I never penetrated her. I just ate her out until she came then masturbated. Win-win situation.

  • Look up the statistics. Most women CANNOT acheive strictly vaginal o******. Plus, most men get off on a woman pleasuring herself.

  • Use your vibrator while f****** him

  • does he rub your c*** while he f***'s you? my wife cant c** unless i do that.

  • He's obviously pretty clueless if he thinks he's getting you off every time. It takes effort to get a woman off, in almost all cases. You need to be able to read the signals her body is sending you and react accordingly. As far as getting yourself off, what is the problem with using a vibrator? Ask him to use the vibrator on you and let him know when it's working, don't send him any more false signs with fake o******.

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