Vax fraud

I lied to my job that I was vaccinated. I didn't want to get the vaccine because I didn't trust it. I heard many horror stories of severe adverse reactions and I was really afraid that it could happen to me. I paid for a fake vaccine card from a scammer online and showed it to my boss when asked to verify my status. When he questioned me, I lied to my boss and told him that it was real. He didn't believe me and reported me to upper management. When I came to my senses, I gave in and took the vaccine. Despite this, I am still in trouble for lying and comitting fraud. I am on the verge of losing my pension, insurance, and livelihood. Father God, please forgive me. 🙏

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  • You are ok and right , those who are wrong are the bad guys who wanted you to get that poison , here is a link for a video that tell you exactly what it the content of that **

  • Look on odysee for a video titled "Covid Vaccines Analyzed by Taygetan Lab - Complete Report - Graphene, Nanotechnology, and Transhumanism" i wanted to place the link but the morons who run this site make sure that the messages in the links get automatically blocked

  • I wish more people would get in trouble for lying.

  • Stupid subhuman boss, we live in a socialist dictatorship. democracy IS A LIE IT NEVER WORKED AND WILL NEVER WAS JUST LIKE COMMUNISM. God bless you, please take care, sadly you take the vax.

  • Science tells us that you can still transmit the Covid virus once vaccinated.

  • Glad that's true. I can potentially infect anyone too scared or stupid to get the jab and I'll never see the inside of a hospital for it. Hope I help kill off a few more morons. You'll never know it was me or someone who thinks like me, sleep well...................... :)

  • Why are these vaccinated, self centered, nosy A-Holes crying on a daily basis. They are protected and have nothing to worry about, RIGHT??? I mean these vaccines are the SALVATION OF THE WORLD!
    So if they claim that the un-vaccinated are a danger to them, then I assume they know that the vaccines are not working???
    Not to mention calling it a vaccine is a stretch. Our CDC changed the definition of "vaccine" in 2020 in order to allow these experimental medications to be called vaccines.
    No one should be put in the position of being forced to take these medications.

  • LMAO! That's the least you deserve for being a lying moron who is helping to keep the pandemic going strong. If you're too weak to live with the consequences of your stupidity, kill yourself and go home to your pretend father god

  • Liars and crybabies, too many of them on my planet. Go to this site and laugh all afternoon at each name! I do.

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