While my BF was away...

Once upon a time I was staying at my moms because my boyfriend was away on a vacation in Puerto Rico. He was gone for a whole week, which seemed like an eternity to me. I missed him and even though we spoke a few times on the phone it wasn't enough for this selfish girl just to hear his voice.
I was staying in the family room of my mothers new home, sleeping on a cot that I used to sleep on when I was younger, living at my grandma's. Anyway, my parent's have a HUGE TV in that room and I was left all alone, by the end of the night everyone had gone to bed and I was sleepless and restless.
I turned on the TV and started watching and skimming the channels. I came upon the adult channel and was taken back by the graphic picture I saw. There on the HUGE SCREEN, were larger than life genitals and I was glued to the screen. I was watching the action on screen and was getting flushed with the excitement from watching the the fear of being discovered. I though of my wonderful boyfriend and how I missed his hands all over me. I was getting more and more flushed and my cup was spilling over and over. I could not longer hold out and wait. With one hand on the remote control and the other inside my panties I started to pleasure myself. My eyes were half closed with thoughts of my boyfriends massive manhood inside my mouth and inside my v*****. The scene on the screen was comming to a pinnacle and I was not able to hold on anymore so I climaxed, biting back on my lips, affraid to make the sounds that are unmistakably orgasmic.
I was spent, tired, exhausted and went off to sleep with another pillow between my knees and my loins throbbing.
The end

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