Walked in on daddy

Back win I was 13 I was home with my daddy . I had gotten up early and won't to see if daddy was up. So I went in to his room. He was setting at his computer beeting off there was a pick of me in a bikini on haf of his screen and a woman that looked a lot like me getting f*** on the Uther haf . He rushed to cover up and trun off the screen. I seen how big his d*** was for me . And I was h**** so I walked up him and took off my shirt and said y don't u try the real thing . He just sat there staring at me . So I kiss him on the mouth and unbutton my pants and binte over infrot of my dad and smack my ass thin I feel his hand on my pink panties . So I walked over to his bed and sat down and took my bra off and said come on daddy im ready . He played with me for a few minutes thin his 10 in was in me it would fit all the way at first .and it hurts at first but thin I felt so good I could get enough with each stroke he went deeper by the end all 10 in was in me . He started to plue out .and I said I need it all don't stop . So he went harder . Thin I felt his hot c** in me . We start doing it every day I ended up getting pregnant


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  • I told you to stand on the tracks and wait

  • It's the tracks guy again he can't even change his comment even one bit he must love copy and paste not one original thought in his head

  • Yup it is me as I posted before every time I see his sickfucking post I will tell him to stand on the tracks. Does my comments stop you from wan king off to these?

  • ?! Wtf

  • This creep has confessed night with little sister , drunk older sister and this too Your writing gives it away creep. Do you w*** to our replies? If so hope you like this one. dumb a$$

  • Lol dude you can't even talk right. Stop the fake stories asshat

  • Another made up story by you. You just posted the Little Sister Dry Humping story. You can't construct a story without making the same grammar errors.

    Every one look for the word "Win", he uses it in every fake confession he makes.

    If you are going to post a fake confession, at least make it well written.

  • 13 is too young for a baby. Please use birth control.

  • You must have been quite used to f****** otherwise you could not have accommodate his 10" ito you. By the way what is your age?

  • I haven't actually been born yet. Thanks for asking!

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