Worst and last day of work

I have a problem. I've had bladder control problems since I was a teen. Sometimes I wet the bed, not completely just enough to make my panties look gross.

Driving is another problem, if my bladder is full, I'll leak a little. Sometimes by the time I get to the bathroom my panties are soaked, and I still have to go.

All of this came to a head in the summer. I drove 40 minutes to work, had already leaked twice, and ran straight to the bathroom at our office. Someone was in there, and I was pounding on the door asking her to hurry.

The toilet flushed, she started to wash her hands, and that was it. I leaked more, and again, and again, and again. I stuttered I was starting to pee and by the time she came out I had already gone in my pants.

I walked off the job, and I haven't gone back. Some saw, and I will never go back.

Apr 6

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