I saw her do it

I am a part time cleaner at a multi-plex cinema and yesterday when i was at work i saw my supervisor getting herself off using a long brush handle. We get allocated a screen/auditorium to clear after the last showing of a film. The auditorium i was cleaning wasn't too bad and finished quicker than normal. I searched allover to find my supervisor but knowone had seen her so i searched behind every curtain on the screen stage and under the staging areas...I eventually heard a noise from a tiny room under one stage area so i walked down a partiall lite slim coridoor and i hears s** noises coming from one side of the door i looked through the keyhole to see her leaning against the wall with the brush handle sliding in and out of her . She had no idea i was watching her and she really going for it hope she's a regular at doing this cos even though she's a big lady in her 50's i wouldn't mind pumping my c*** inside her.

Oct 3, 2013

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  • Tell her what you saw and offer yourself to help her climax. Who knows she might already have a crush on you so she masterbates.

  • How is that an opportunity for anything besides watching her do it again? I swear you people sound like youve never had a relationship with a woman. Blackmail her? Opportunity? Get real.

  • Black mail her into having s** with you :D

  • Sounds hot. Let her know you saw her and tell her you want to put your c*** inside her. don't let the opportunity go by.

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