My step dad

Mom married Tom when i was 8
I never knew my real dad so Tom was my dad
Growing up was great and we always got along good. When i was 14 or 15 is when I started notice he would look at me in ways. Ways you know what he doing checking you out.
It bothered me at first but over time i got to enjoy knowing he was.
Nothing was ever said.
I was about 16 when i caught a glimpse of him at my bedroom window.
I thought i did anyway.
So I investigated the next day and saw his tracks in landscape outside my window.
Did not know how long he had been doing this.
Most the time I would get dressed in bathroom
So at worse he saw my in my panties and bra.
But i had known he snuck looks so this did not surprise me.
So the next night mom works evenings ,i was going to my room i came back out for a minute Tom was gone so i went back in thinking he was there. I was excited and did not know why.
He was my dad. But i locked my door.
Always did that to keep my brother out.
And took off my pants. I jumped on bed and turned on tv.
Knowing he was watching or thinking he was
I liked it it was actually making me h****.
Never in my life did i ever think this way.
So i set on bed and after awhile not knowing what to do or if he was watching i was so h****
And embarrassed I pulled
My sheet up so he could not see and masturbated. Im sure he knew but I didn’t want him to see..
The next day i had trouble looking at him
I was embarrassed. But i got through the day
And when mom left fir work and it was just me my brother and Tom i got excited again.
I couldn’t wait fir it to get dark . About 7 i went to my room. My heart was beating fast.
I shut the door and got on bed with my clothes on.
After I minute i had to see if Tom was still watching tv so i left room and went down the hall he was gone.
More convinced i went back and locked the door.
Not knowing what to do i hoped on bed and turned on tv. Setting there getting nerve up i lay back and slip my pants off.
Then i get an idea i turn on music and get up and go pose in mirror my back to window.
I play with my hair and try to see if i could see him in reflection but could not.
I slip my shirt off stand sideways in mirror reach back and unclasp my bra. My heart racing i turn towards mirror and pose stretch and arch my back. Then i slip off my panties.
Im so h**** thinking he’s watching my legs were shaking.
I see moving in window shadows and know he’s is.
I get on bed and to save time
Finger f*** my self it doesn’t take long.
After i cover up embarrassed.
I get up and hurry up and dress and go out to living room just in time a see the front screen shutting and Tom was on couch and look flushed.
Fast forward 2 years i put on shows a few times,
Many times after that.
I was a senior getting ready to graduate.
Mom was being a b**** to me about my grades.
And wouldn’t let me go out much.
Even though i was of age.
Tom was always easy going.
Anyway i got drunk one night and Tom had to come get me.
I was just too drunk to drive.
He took me home and helped me to my room.
Mom was not home.
He sat me on bed and took my shoes off.
He started to undo my pants but being drunk
I stoped him said i can get it. So he left me be
And left.
I woke the next day with a thought. He was going to undress me?
Omg I thought. So all week it stayed on my mind.
What would he did
How far would he gone?
So I hatched a plan and had him pick me up at friends house the next week
Pretended to be waisted.
He got me home i was pretending to be out.
He carried me in the house ti my room.
He took my shoes off.
Shaked me I didn’t respond.
He undid my pants and pulled them off pulled my shirt off then stood there, i was trying to control my breathing.
He touched my t** through the bra then reaching around me undid it and pulled it off.
Then he slipped my panties off.
He left and I thought he was done i heard him tell my brother to get to bed and he come back
Locked the door.
Through closed eyelids i watched him undress.
I could see his c***. Not real big small actually
Standing straight out probably 6 inches but slimmer than my bf he got between my legs and started f****** me.
About 20 seconds later he pulled out quickly and came all over my belly.
I was more embarrassed now than excited
He wiped me off with his shirt wow a quick draw i was thinking. He left.
I’m laying there in shock but getting h**** thinking about what he did when he came back in in his boxers.
It had been a half hour or it seems
He shakes me and I still pretended out
So he slipped boxers off and he mounted me again. This time he went a little longer
I was on edge this time he was being gentle probably trying not to wake me. I was close but I needed him to pound me i wake up.
He tried to get up.
I held him said no and long story short we f***** hard and i came.
Now a couple years later still don’t regret it.
We still mess around some when moms not home. Im married to another guy.
But Dad and i have our times

Jan 7, 2020

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  • Nothing wrong with dad/daughter loving! Remember to use birth control ;)

  • Thanks i do. But he is really my step. I love my husband but thought when i have kids leting him do it. No one would know. Just me.

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