My Ex..

(Let me just start off by saying that my ex & i still have feelings for each other.. but he has a girlfriend and he thinks that he made a wrong choice by choosing her over me)
I was on the bus going home and me my ex were talking. I told him that i had to talk to him about something and he asked what. I didnt feel comfortable about talking about it in front of the people on the bus so i just said nothing and the whole bus ride he would bother me about it. So eventually he came back to sit in the seat with me and i told him what i had to talk to him about and he put his hand on my leg and was flirting and he asked if he could have a kiss and i said no and he kissed me anyway i mean deep down i wanted him to but he has a gf and idk i just feel really bad about it.

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  • Let's be honest. It's probably you that has stronger feelings for your ex than he does for you. Because you haven't moved on. And you deserve a guy who will like you back just as much as you like him. But your ex has moved on. He has a girlfriend with whom he is more than willing to cheat on. And do you really want to get back together with him? Because let's look at some facts..he probably would cheat on you too and he may had cheated when you two were together. The only person who cares about what the girlfriend would you. Cause he didn't. And even when you said no to his kiss..he didn't respect that and did it anyway. Really. why do you like this loser? Stop being in contact with this guy. He will hurt you over and over again. You deserve better and so does his girlfriend. This guy will say and do whatever to get down your pants. He's not ready for any serious relationship. Don't waste your time.

  • Couldn't agree more.

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