I wish...

I wish i tried more.
I wish things were different. that i could go back in time and fix things.
i just wish i had a friend to talk to. someone to tell secrets too. someone to count on.
i pushed everyone away and now i'm left with no one. i know it's my fault too.
i feel like i'm alone in the world. like no one cares about me.
then again, why would anyone care? i mean i was a j***. i did horrible things... but still... i just wish things didn't happen the way they did.

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  • welcome to my life.

  • You shouldn't be so h****** yourself, I'm sure you have many good points right? Even if you don't think so, I'm sure other people have noticed them. There is someone you can tell those things to, you just have to open up little by little. You're not alone, because who would I be? =) haha, don't think about things too much it will all be okay ^.^ so Smile, its a great good luck charm! xD

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