I've changed. but I still love you

I'm drunk. I'm thinkng about you. like i have every day since i met you. im nothing like i was then. and neither are you. my feelings have changed, but they're still the same. i dont know if you are supposed to be the one. im dating somebody else, but i still cant get you off my mind. i feel like a cheater. i suppose i am. i hate myself, but i cant help myself. you were and are the only one who gets me, who is on the same page, who even cared enough to try. i miss you. i wish you would move back here. and i wish that i had enough courage to tell you how i feel. how i have felt. i wish that i didnt drink to get away with feeling like this. i wish that i didn't do alot of things. i wish that i had waited on something better. but i didn't. and i still wish that one day you will be that ONE in my life again. i love you. i really love you. likei haven;t loved anyone in my life. come back?

Oct 1, 2010

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  • Still at it with the neverending "me me me". Charming as always. During our "come to me-- now go away" phase, you shoved me away twice with far more drama and violence than was necessary. Get over your supreme self-centeredness, work up a HEARTFELT apology, and maybe after that we can start over. Until then, rot in your alcohol-infused misery and whatever inauthentic "relationship" you're currently in. God, you're toxic (one reason *I* kept pushing *you* away!) Not that I'm perfect by any stretch, but DUDE.

    Your soulmate... you shitgibbon!

  • I love rotten cheese, it makes my farts stinkier HOOYAH!

  • Girl (you a girl right?),this post was written 81/2 yrs ago,hes not going to see it.probably for the best,

  • Wakteep

  • Probably not, and that is for the best. Just because someone may be a soulmate doesn't mean they're healthy to be around. (There's something Hollywood and Madison Ave. will never tell you-- and nobody would believe them if they did!) Not only is this guy not right in the head, but he also cares only about himself. I'm embarrassed that I let my belief in that connection dampen my perceptions of what's real for so long, and that I can't get rid of these two posts displaying my moment of nostalgic weakness.

  • I'm sorry I've come off as hostile half the time. I'm scared too! Let's face it, we know each other and at the same time really don't. We could've spent all this time actually discovering one another in these incarnations, but noooo-- we've wasted all this time throwing oblique crap into the wind and hoping maybe the other person sees it sometime. HOW STUPID!!

    I can't even be 100% sure this is you, as always. You know I am not going to reach out to you ever again, not after the way YOU conducted yourself the last time. So if you want resolution, cowboy up and approach me-- *honestly* for a change. I think it will be worth it for both of us. I'm strong enough. Are you?

  • Scared,,nobodys sure who anyone else is,,why do we do this to oursleves and each other!!!

  • Sapku beemu teem. i suck a c***. no u. beeeeeeeeeeeeem!

  • I wish this was written by the person it made me think of. Some days I miss him so much =(

  • I miss him when he pulled out his d*** and raped a chicken GOOMBAH!

  • Just f****** stay away from my life and stop your f****** undercover! get out of my life! stop saying that f****** love! bullshit! get out already! i dont want any! leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what come back! you f****** back stabber! you stop all of them! I don't need anything from you! just leave! s***! get it! stop the other suitors! i'm done with all of this s*** you put in my life! get out! go find someone else! get out! f****** suitors! leave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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