Doctor who

When i am bored or on my own i like to imagine i am the Doctor with Amy, Rory and River song going on our little adventures. And i like to imagine them as episodes in my head,

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  • Hahaha thts awesome i love the doctor

  • Okay, I totally do this too. Usually I pretend I'm a companion or something, and I'm talking to the Tenth Doctor. It's usually a simple conversation, but so amusing! ~Theta

  • A lot of us have a mindset like this. I do that too with books and shows I watch. It's a lot of fun :)

    Like you're creating your own world in your head

  • OK! Ok?! well first I didn't get what the other said! And second, Ok?! So what?! You are creative, you imagine things, and it is surely that everyone does! By anything! I know I do! Well the reason why you imagine is that you are kind of a loner, even if you have a girlfriend, a girlfriend can't give you everything, that's a fact, what you need is by alone is it cure, so what is the cure? It's not to waste time with anyone, it is to be free and feel the freedom, go somewhere where you can find inner peace, and I am not saying that you should go alone, why not?! Go on in a manly ride! A romantic events is also good, so go and be free.

  • I AM SO GLAD YOU LOVE THIS SERIES! I just wish it became famous before the 11th doctor gah! peole just don't understand! It's AMAZING!

  • Marry me. Right now.

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