I'm really a little girl inside

I'm a grown man but inside I'm really just a little girl. Sometimes I'm 6, sometimes 8, sometimes 10, sometimes 12. I imagine dressing up as a fairy princess with wings and a magic wand. I like seeing pretty little girl dresses and imagine wearing one. I imagine dressing up as a ballerina and dancing! I wish a nice mommy would adopt me.

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  • I don't get why adults keep trying to fool themselves into believing they're kids inside, or the way they wish so much to be a kid again. It's not just that it screams out that you have way too much time on your idle hands, or how it demonstates a feeble, immature mind caught in a state of alarming arrested development. Like, seriously, we're in a time when the world needs strength of character, leadership, and the triumph of the human soul. Instead we get your whiny little escapism. Well, fella, here's a wake-up: being a kid was horrible. I wouldn't go through that again for the world. Still, it was nothing compared to the depths to which you've lowered yourself. How can you not give yourself the creeps? I duuno, and don't care to find out.

  • Lol!!!! Seek medical/Psychiatric help,as soon as possible!!

  • Sadly nature creates fuckups

  • What is that supposed to mean?

  • They hav a name and condition for every crazy person now but ur just daft thats all

  • Bite me!

  • There are people called AB Adult babies. I guess you are one of them. That's cool. Go find them on fetlife.

  • You're basically a loser and and overall gross person.

  • F*** you!

  • I will!

  • For real? Please I need mommy!

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