Your ex

Your ex still loves you. Im with you but she still has strong feelings for you and we both know that :/ shes really jealous and you tell me not to worry about her :/ but the truth is, i do worry about her :/ you say shes an ex for a reason but everytime she posts on your wall hate saying that your too busy talking to me to care about her, then you post back saying no thats not true, something kills me inside :/ shes doing it for your attention and you give it to her :/ you let other girls say that they love you and you say love you too but you say you dont mean it :/ it makes me wonder if the i love you's you say to me actually mean anything :/ i hate whenever we have a disagreements your friends always get involved and have a go at me and tell me not to leave you :/ i dont know how to feel towards you but your constantly obsessed with everything i do :/ when im at school (im 15 btw) you go onto my pictures because your schools already finished (hes 16), and you look at all my pictures and you comment and like them which im okayy with, but looking at all my pictures again and again everydays different :/ then you post on my wall 24/7 and you comment on everything i do on facebook :/ i dont mind if you did it once or twice, but not everyday :/ truth is, i confess i dont know how to feel about you and your ex. i think your better suited to her then you are to me :/ you say your not but theres pictures of her sitting on your lap, and when she says to you i love you and you say i love you too, maybe your both saying for different reasons :/

Jul 19, 2011

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  • Poor baby :/
    mayB hed stay wit u if u knew how english works :/
    n if u werent a spiteful little teenage idiot :/
    n werent such a drama queen :/
    n felt the need to put this stupid emoji after every sentence :/

  • you say you like him
    but the you go on about how he talks to other girls and u get jealous
    then u retort by saying you dont like how his obsessed with you.
    seems to me your just using these as excuses to get out. To start a fight, even if you dont know it.

    if hes your bf, and you like him, you wouldnt tell urself his beter with his ex.
    And if you trusted him, you wouldnt want him to go bak to her, because they seem 'better fitted' despite him teling you otherwise.

    this has nothing to do with him. Its about your own conflicted feelings.
    first try accepting that, then ask yourself. 'what do i really want' instead of using his ex as an excuse.

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