I want..

I want to be a bad person,
to mess with guys heads,
to go out late at night,
I want to be able to fight really good,
get into fights often, and get into trouble
I don't want to live a sheltered life anymore.
I want to be my own person and make my own mistakes.
I want to go out and experience the world, and live on my own, travel to whichever place i want.
I wonder what would happen if i wasn't born in the first place, it wouldn't change anything since there is still insignificance in my being.
I want to get a motorcycle and ride as fast as can, the feeling of almost flying.
I want to be able to say what I think to people without caring. I want to live my life by my own terms, and not care what other people think.
I want to be acknowledged by a family thats too over protective, and cares to much about what everyone thinks. Always saying not to bring them shame, getting pregnant like other family members. It can't be possible anyway since i'm always stuck in the house.
I want to cause trouble just like what their expecting.
I want to experience life without limits and regrets.

Jul 19, 2011

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  • The life you're describing would give you regrets... you want to cause trouble like their expecting, and yet you want to be your own person. You must see that these statements are opposing. Don't meet their expectations. Forge your own path!

  • You've been watching to many movies...who lives their life with no limits... OR You can just kill yourself then may be you'll find a limitless world of void.

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