I'm a highschool senior and I'm also a

I'm a highschool senior and I'm also a lesbian. Nobody at my school has any idea that I"m a gay girl. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one there. Guys hit on me all the time and I always tell them that I'm dating someone older that doesn't attend our school. I'm not lying to them because my girlfriend is older than me and does not go to our school. The main reason I've never let anyone at school know that I'm a lesbian is that it would ruin the only thing left that I like about going to school...the girls locker room! I love looking at all the other naked and semi-naked girls! I like it when I see other girls looking at me when I'm naked also, AND THEY DO. If only they knew what I do when I'm not at school. Those days are almost finished though as there are only a few days left of highschool for me. But the bright side of that is I'll be attending a major university in the fall...LOL

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  • And what school is this?

  • I went into the girls locker room once. I didn't see any of em naked, but some were in their underwear and bras. I got suspended for a week.

  • Nice......that image will stay with me 4 life....

  • LOL...well, they weren't ALL like running around naked all of the time. Some were more shy than others. There was this one girl who I was obsessed with for like two years and she had no idea that I was. The best locker room memory I have is seeing her standing there naked for a few seconds while she was getting dressed. There were also alot of girls that got naked that you didn't wanna see either...LOL

  • hahah- i wish my highschool had a locker room where all the chicks stripped down. man- ide be in heaven.

  • So you're that creepy freaky girl that keeps starin at everyone when they're changin.

  • go to a bar where all lesbians hangout

  • My husband says all woman are lesbians. He said he has never met one that could say that she would definitely never do another woman if the situation was right.

  • I just want to f*** a woman! OMG how do you go about hooking up with a woman when you are a woman, without making a fool of yourself by hitting on a straight woman!

  • I think all girls are attracted to other girls. I've always considered myself straight but I have fooled around with a few girls.

  • How do you expect a hot chick to aproach you if you tell everyone that you are straight?

  • b****

  • Grow some respect for lezbian's and chicks. Don't check them out without their knowledge! I'm gay but I'm not a f****** s*** about it! You are the kind of people who give gays a bad name and why people are discriminative against us.

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