Does he really like his gf?

Ok so I have this really great guy friend (im a girl). He has a girlfriend. The other day he told me if he hadn’t met his girl then he would ask me to be his girlfriend?! We always joke about marrying each other and stuff. Today I just had this wave of emotions because it was the last day for term 3 for us and I wont see him for two weeks. I got really sad, he is only in my maths class, I had that first period so I thought I probably wouldn’t see him after that so I was like “im going to miss you so much” and he didn’t say much and kept walking out the door with me. He turned his head towards me and said “ill walk you too class.” When we arrived at my form he gave me a big hug and walked off. Later on just before last period I saw him again. We kinda did this like weird hand shake kinda thing but we ended up lacing outside hands together. ” he looked straight at me and said “ill see you later.” Meaning next term. But just before he let go one of the girls from his class caught us and was like jokingly “whoa, what is this?!?! Im gonna tell your girlfriend”

We are strictly just friends because I kinda like someone else but im so confused! Help!

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  • If he wants to be with you, he'd be with you. You don't want to be the girl he cheats with. I know it sounds horrible and he couldn't possibly do such a thing, but these things just happen. The next thing you know, he'll be cheating on his gf with you. Like I said, if he wants to be with you, he'd be with you not her.

  • You're in middle school aren't you?

  • Guys flirt whether they are in a relationship or not. Some are worse than others. This guy thinks he's a player. So, he's trying to keep his options open. For as long as he has a girlfriend, just consider him off limits. Your life will be so much happier because it's drama free. When he says that stuff, just ignore it. Smile and change the subject. Concentrate your efforts on the other guy that you like.

  • Now the fact that he has a gf makes you want him more. F****** b**** dont ruin their relationship

  • No he does not

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