Friend is getting married........

What about me? Where is MY soon-to-be husband?

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  • Jeez, it aint all its cracked up to be, relax.

  • If you aren't already doing this, it could help to put yourself in situations where you will have greater opportunities to meet potential husbands. Aside from that, it could be said better late than never when it comes to marriage. Look at all the people who marry believing they will be happy ever after only to be in divorce court a few years later hating each other. Getting back to marriage, many people just wait around believe the right person will magically appear with little effort on their part, and sometimes that does happen, but you can multiply your odds of finding the right person by putting yourself into situations where you will increase your chances of meeting someone you will be happy and compatible with. For example, an outdoorsy woman could join a wildlife group or groups and possibly find her male counterpart. Anytime you increase the odds in your favor you, of course, increase the chances of obtaining your desired result. Good luck.

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