Sleepover Fun

My two best friends came over to have a sleepover. It started off normal and the my friend Ashley fell asleep so we did what many other 17 year old would do and write on her face and all that junk so It was just me and my other friend. We also started taking pictures with Ashley pretending we were grabbing her b****. It was pretty funny. Anyway we started getting sleepy and eventually we fell asleep.

Around 2am I went to the rest room and without realizing it I opened the door and saw my friend just by the sink with her tong on. We always sleept like this but this time it was different. She looked hot! I'm not a lesbian or bi so I just played it off and told her nice tong and she reponded by bending over and showing her perfect butt in my face, and I slapped twice and a little moan escaped her. After that we started fooling around.

It was so.. different than fooling around with a boy. She is so hot and such a great kisser. She threw me on the bathroom floor and took off..everything. I had never messed around with a girl but everything came to me so naturally. I even sucked her huge b****. We are both 38c so it feelt so good! After messing around she led me downstairs to the other restroom and we got in to the shower, both of us naked and turned on the water and.. well you know.

After doing that we went back to my room and hugged and kissed under the covers.In the morning we pretended like nothing happened, and Ashley didnt notice a thing. I feel bad that we are keeping this away from ashley and I'm confused.. am I bisexual or just curious? I don't know but tomorrow we are going to go sleep over at Ashleys house and I hope my friend and me dont do anything at her house! I mean isnt that disrespectful or something?

However, I already both new sexy bra, and underwear from victoria secret.

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  • Why does Ashley need to know about anything? Can't you and this other girl spend time having fun together at your home or hers? If the two of you enjoy being with each other, it'd be a shame not to pursue it. And FWI, you might just be bi-sexual. If you are, that's cool. Just accept it and go from there.

  • If she knew she might take it the wrong way and it could make things unnecessarily awkward. Don't think there would be anything wrong as long as you don't do anything rirty on a personal space eg. her bed. If she knew she might take it the wrong way and it could make things unnecessarily awkward.
    Enjoy the night whatever happens or doesn't happen and keep us posted.


  • Hawt.

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