I hate my ex best friend, nut something bothers me

I hate that back stabbing b****. I hate her so much. She was a compulsive liar that broke my heart and showed a mask during 5 years of friendship. We had our lows and downs but i thought we were friends. Until i started talking to her friends and they told me all the lies she told them. First, i didn't want to tell them she was lying because she asked me not too. i thought i was being a good friend. Them i couldn't stand it anymore and they told me even more lies . I started questioning everything she ever don n told me. She lied to me all this time. She went on vacations and the person that came back was different.

But once she told me she lost her virginity in the old town where we used to live. She said she didn't want to. wel... she texted me. when i started asking too much she stoped texting me, becasuse that's what she always used to do.she never talked about it after that. At that point, i was questioning if she wanted to catch my attention ( like all the other times she lied to everyone else) or if it was true.

I hate her like i never hated someone before, but i wonder if that is true... even for a d*** like her, that's too much

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  • Your weird :/

  • Bro, get a f****** life.

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