Cheating Plan

I cant stand my girlfriend.We have two kids.We keep breaking up and getting back together.

I am so sick of her that I plan on cheating on her with any woman who want to have s** with me. I will start this next month and will never quit.I don't care if she finds out or leaves me.She is such a selfish b**** and deserves to be cheated on..she's a lousy f*** anyway.

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  • Sounds to me like you're angry and fed up. Then just leave! Why put yourself through the risk of getting sexually transmitted disease (with any woman) just because you can't stand your girlfriend? Who's going to have the last laugh if you should get infected? Just be a man, have some courage and walk away, simple.

  • Why don't you just break up for good? You'd both be happier in the long run, you wouldn't have to sneak around, and you wouldn't be the p**** who cheated on a girl. Everyone wins.

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