Wedding Night Rehersal

I got my wife a little drunk one night and asked her to describe the "wildest" thing she had ever done sexually. She told me about when she was getting married the first time. Her girl friends took her out to celebrate two days before the wedding. None of them were of legal drinking age so one girl stole a bottle of "Jack" from her Father's cabinet and they sat in the car passing around this bottle until it was gone. Five young girls finishing a bottle straight, needless to say they were pretty s*** faced. They ended up at a Fast food place just giggling and laughing and having a good time. One of her friends asked her if Ron, her future husband, was a good lover. Her response was "I guess so". They asked her, compared to her other lovers how he rated. She admitted that Ron had been her one and only. She told me her friends were in shock. They just could not believe that she had never had any other sexual experiences. She told them it was a little late now, but the alcohol started to kick in and a plan started to form.

Linda, my wife's Maid of Honor, goes over to the "kid" working the counter and asks him if he has a break coming up. When he asks why she tells him that one of the girls at the table wants to have s** with him, but he can't know which one. He checks out our table and says that we are all "babes" and he would have no problem "doing" any of us. Linda explains that he has to play by her rules and if he does he is in for a good time. She asks him if he has a car and a condom. He says yes to both and she hands him her scarf and tells him to go sit in the passenger seat of his car. She tells him to put the condom on his d*** and the scarf over his eyes and he ready for a "good time."

Now she comes back to the table and tells my wife of her plan. Even in my wife's drunken condition she tells Linda that she is crazy, that this will never work. The other girls are all over my wife asking if she wants to live the rest of her life having only "experienced" one man? They all swear a vow of secrecy, that no one will ever know, even the kid will be blind folded and never know which girl he had s** with.

As stupid as it sounded the next thing my wife remembered was standing next to the car window, looking in at this teenage boy with his pants down to his ankles, a condom on his erection, and a scarf over his eyes. She told me she hiked up her skirt and removed her panties and climbed on to the front seat facing him. She put his hand between her legs and told him to "finger" her until she was moist. She stroked his erection a few times and noticed he was bigger both in length and width than her boyfriend Ron. She was a little concerned about making him "fit", but her juices were starting to flow and she was going to make every effort. She told me it was tight but that it felt really, really good. She said she was surprised the kid lasted as long as he did considering how excited he was and she was able to c** twice before he did. She climbed off of him, open the door and walked away, back into the restaurant and sat down with her friends. The giggling and laughter had stopped and the girls sat in silence wanting to know how it felt. Just then the kid came back from break and walked over to the table. Looked each girl in the eyes and said he had no idea who it was but that he wanted to thank who ever it was for the most exciting night of his life. He said I'm going to return the scarf but I'm going to keep the panties that he found on the floor.

Two days later, on her Wedding night, Ron, her new Husband, took about three minutes before he came and then rolled over and went to sleep. My wife told me she just laid there thinking about her "Fast food Lover". The marriage to Ron didn't last eighteen months.

After telling me this story we got up out of bed and went out to the car (it was in the garage, but it was still kind of kinky). I sat in the passenger seat and she crawled on top of me. I reached down to play with her p**** and she was already dripping. I had my face planted right between those 38 D's and that little five foot frame of hers was bouncing up and down like it was the end of the world. Now our s** life is usually right between Good and very good. That night it was right between Awesome and Holy s***.

Now my problem, I can't get her to talk anymore. She thinks it's perverted. I've tried booze, grass and begging and nothing works. Now this is my plan. I'm going to post this on the web site and I hope you guys (and girls) will read it and respond in a positive manner. Please try to convince her that there is nothing wrong with her exciting stories and if it adds to the enjoyment of our s** life than this is a good thing. Now to be fair if you guys (and girls) think that I should respect her wishes and don't ask her any more questions, then I will be disappointed but will give in.

Come on everyone, don't let me down.


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  • It was OK for you to Fuck her friend, but it was not OK for your friend to Fuck her. Let me see, she had s** with you and then the next night she had s** with your buddy, then you and then your buddy again. Busy little Beaver wasn't she? And now you are having trouble handling it.

  • My buddy and I use to hang out with her and her girl friend. My buddy was very shy so to him just hanging out with two good looking girls was a big deal. He had a van and we would pick the girls up and ride around drinking. Her friend was pretty easy and I f***** her the first time we went out. She was very loud and screamed during s**. She was saying how big I was and how good it felt. My future wife and biddy were in the front of the van just laughing at us. Later he told me all he got was some t**, but was happy to get that. I f***** the young one a couple more times before she went off to college.
    A few days later I go to a party and bump into my future wife and my buddy. I get him aside and he tells me he still has not scored yet. I see Ann alone so I go over to talk to her and ask if she wants to get together some time and she suggests we dump our dates and meet at her parent's apartment, they are gone for the weekend. Two hours later I am in her bed banging the s*** out of her. She told me she wanted to know what her girl friend was doing all the screaming about. I assumed she was on the Pill, so when she told me she was NOT my d*** kinda went limp. We agreed to meet in a couple of days and I would bring rubbers. I asked my buddy if I could borrow his apartment for a few hours, he didn't know who I was going to bring there, and we had the F*** of the Century. I mean I knew right there I didn't need to look any farther, this was the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. What I didn't know was the day before and THE DAY AFTER she was f****** my ex-buddy in the same bed.
    Now sixteen years later she mentions it to me. I guess the night after I couldn't keep it hard, after finding she was not on the pill, she went to my ex-buddy's apartment and f**** him. She told me they had too much foreplay and he came thirty seconds after entering her. She told him she was disappointed but would give him a second chance, just like she told me. She said two days later she goes back to his apartment and they had s**. Now she goes into detail, sixteen years later, on how good this guys was, how long he lasted, how long his d*** was (the ass hole runs those stupid 26 mile races so he is use to pumping for a long time) and how many times he came. Now I'm supposed to feel good about this because she picked me to spend the rest of her life with? I didn't realize I was trying out for a part, that I was in a contest and that I won.
    I'm not sure how I feel. I mean she saying this guy was a great f***, but I was better. No wonder the ass hole moved to another state.

  • Did you mean to say she f***** one of your ex-buddies? Or is dhe still f****** one of your buddies?

  • The Sex Tickets worked, but now, after sixteen years, I find out there was FIVE guys that my Wife has had Sex with, not just four. She f***** one of my buddies and "forgot" to mention it to me.

  • I asked her how the Affair got started and she told me how he use to ask her to Lunch everyday. She refused and finally after a week she said that she was a married woman and it would not look right for them to go to lunch together. He told her he wasn't interested it "stealing" her away from her Husband, he just wanted to buy her a slice of pizza. She laughed and said she was over reacting and agreed to go to lunch that day.
    They actually did go for Pizza and she said they had a nice conversation and some laughs and when they got back to the Office parking lot she Thanked him for lunch and reached over to give him a kiss on the check. As she did this he slipped his hand into her opened neck blouse and under her bra and just gently squeezed her Breast. She said her was embarrassed , but never tried to stop him. He only felt her for a few seconds and then removed his hand and got out of the car. He never commented and acted as if nothing out of the normal had happened
    Later he asked her if she wanted to come over to his house that evening. She said that she could never do that, and besides she had her Crafts Class that night. He told her if she changed her mind that he would be out front of his house sitting in his truck at 7 that night.
    On her way to her Class she drove by his house and sure enough there he was sitting in his truck. She stopped just to tell him he was wasting his time and got into the truck because it was cold. She told me she had no idea how it got started, but before she knew it he had unbuttoned her shirt and removed her bra and was gently licking and sucking on her nipples. Her husband was a "leg man" and paid little attention to her Breasts so this she found very enjoyable. He took her hand and moved it down to his erection that he had already removed from his pants. She told me his p**** was longer than her husband's and "much fatter". As she was stroking him he removed her pants and started to rub between her legs. She was embarrassed when he commented on how "wet" she already was but told her there was noting wrong with "feeling good". He pushed her back on the seat and continued to lick her nipples while he eased one finger and then two into her p****. He made her c** that way and then moved down between her legs and inserted his erection. She told me he really knew what he was doing because she had so many o****** she lost count. He kissed her gently and told her "now it's my turn Baby" and started pumping her fast and hard. She could feel him start to swell inside of her and was ready for him to pull out and come on her stomach like her husband does. Much to her surprise and enjoyment he blew his load inside of her and continued to pump away until she came also. She said it felt like the top of her head was going to come off, she had never felt anything that enjoyable before. She knew she was addicted to his guy and it was the start of a three month affair

  • What happened after three months? Did her husband find out? Did she get dumped by her boss?

  • I got some more details and yes they were a "turn-on", but in a way it helped me understand certain things about my Wife.
    Her Boss had gone away for two weeks and while he was away she told her Husband about the Affair. She wanted to leave him and told him how she didn't Love him anymore and he couldn't satisfy her the way her "Boyfriend" did. She wouldn't tell him who she was seeing which p***** him off greatly. He called her a Tramp, actually punched her in the face and threatened to kill this "other guy". He took her clothes and threw them on the front lawn and told her to get out. She moved back in with her Parents and waited for her Boss to return.
    Once he did, unaware of the events of the last week, they met at their usual spot and went to a Drive-in. He had not seen her in two weeks and she told me he had his hard d*** out of his pants before they had even stopped the car. He went right for her Boobs but she stopped him and told him they needed to talk first. She explained what she had told her husband and how she had moved out and now they could be together. She could tell the change in him instantly, for one thing his erection was suddenly limp. She asked him if there was a Problem and if he still Loved her. (Here I have to give the guy credit because he came back with one of the all time great lines) and she told me she remembers each word because they were "burned" into her memory forever: "I don't think I could spend the rest of my life with someone who wouldn't Suck My Cock". She had never had oral s** before, either giving or receiving, and simply didn't know what to do. She was now trapped between a Rock and a hard place (excuse the pun) and didn't see anyway out . She asked him if he would "instruct" her and got down on her knees on the floor of his truck and carefully slipped his now erect again p**** into her mouth. He told her to think tongue, lips and no teeth and that he would help her with the motion. He placed his hands on both sides of her head and started a slow and steady in and out motion. She had placed a napkin on the floor next to her so when the time came (another pun) she would have the option of either swallowing or spitting his load into the napkin. She figured she must have been doing pretty good because after a few minutes she felt his erection start to swell even more and then all of a sudden one of his hands went to the back of her head and he pushed himself in deeper to the point where her chin pushed up against his ball sack. The first shot hit her in the back of the throat which changed her options from spitting or swallowing to swallowing or choking. She realize they had not seen each other for two weeks but was still surprised at how much he came. He wiped off her chin, told her she had done really well, for her first time, and they settled in to watch the Movie. She noticed he didn't say much, he just sat there with his arm around her and playing with her B****** with his free hand.
    After the first Movie they left and drove back to where she had parked her car. They got into the back seat of her car where there was enough room for her to lie back and they could "make Love". She was a little nervous because they were parked in the back of a Supermarket parking lot and he wanted her to get totally naked, shoes, socks, everything.
    They started to make love and it felt really good, but he was spending most of his time licking and sucking on her B******. When he had her B****** really wet he pulled out of her and crawled up and placed his erection between her B******, grabbing both of then roughly and squeezing them together with his p**** in the middle. He pumped very hard, to the point where she could feel heat coming off his p****, and then he did something he had never done before, he put on a condom. He slid back down and entered her p**** again. She asked him why he was wearing the "rubber" and he told her he needed to be careful because she wasn't a married woman anymore. For the first time in their three month affair she felt like they were not making Love, he was just f****** her. He was very rough with her b****** and pinched her nipples to the point of pain. When she asked him to be more gentle with nipples he reached down and forced a finger into her ass. He complained that she was not the Wild girl she used to be and then started pumping her like he was trying to get his money's worth out of a rented car. He blew his load, pulled the rubber off and dropped it on the car floor and as he was pulling his pants up told her he need to be going.
    As he drove away she sat there in the back seat of her car, bare ass naked with her clothes on the front seat floor. She looked up and there were two people in the car parked in front of her (there was an empty space between them). They were employees from the Supermarket having a beer after work. She could not reach her clothes and needed to get out of the back seat and open the front door, which turned on the dome light, to reach them. As she stood there putting on her pants the car with the two strangers started up and pulled up next to her. The driver asked her if she was "OK", she turned to him and told him she was fine. He said you are more than Fine and then drove away.
    That was the last time she would see her Boss alone

  • I have something similar with my Husband. He likes to hear me talk about my past boyfriends. The problem is I had a lot of boyfriends, more than he imagined. I enjoyed s**, still do, the difference is I have settled down to one man, my husband, for the last nine years. There is an age difference that bothers him more than it does me. His generation was not as outgoing when it came to s**. He dated many different girls while he was in school and had s** with a few of them. I dated a lot of guys while in school and had s** with all of them. I just didn't see anything wrong with it. If a guy gave me pleasure I went out with him again, after that I'd get bored and move on. I think only women realize the Power they have over men. I gave the star player on our football team a b****** and stopped before he came. You talk about a Power rush, this huge guy is begging me to finish him. My husband is twenty years older than me and he is afraid he can't keep me satisfied. Believe me there is no problem. I had my wild time and now I am very happy to be settled down. If I was a guy you would be calling me a stud but because I am a woman I am sure you open minded guys with have a few good names for me.

  • I have something similar with my Husband. He likes to hear me talk

    No I don't consider that "similar". My Wife had a sexual relationship with four different guys. Two of them she married and one was a "one night stand". You, on the other hand, would f*** anyone that happened to smile at you. My Wife was sweet and innocent so it is exciting to hear what she did because it is so out of the norm for her. You on the other hand have been torn up by many different c****. Unless your Husband is hung like a Porn Star you are very loose for him and I feel badly that he will never know the joy of a tight p****. I know you call yourself liberated but I would be careful in telling your husband just how far down the list his name appears, he might not be as liberated.

  • I have a name for your husband, Lucky Bastard.

  • When I was about 17 I slept at my sister´s house with a friend. She and her husband slept upstairs and I slept downstairs in the livingroom on a mattrass. They also had this girl my age sleeping over in the livingroom that night. She and I "got aquainted" that night.

    I awoke early in the morning with this beauty lying in my arms so I started gently waking her up by massaging and caressing her. Pretty soon we were "at it" again. Suddenly sounds from upstairs indicated that my sister and her husband had woken up. The sheer thought of them moving about upstairs while we were making love added an extra ergency and flavour to the experience. I got turned on by the idea more than I have ever been. I still "think" about the experience sometimes here some 30 years later. Then I heard the stairs starting to creak and I think I came in a big way when the 3rd or 4th step creaked.

    By the time my sister stepped in the livingroom we had our clothes on and I was in the adjoining kitchen making coffee.

    Just so you dont think I´m a total perv. My sister later told me she set me up with the girl. The sister in question is a sister by marriage and I have never had any urges to have s** with her. The thing that turned me on was not her specifically catching us in the act but more the general naughtiness of being almost caught. Had she caught me I would have been teased by her for the rest of my days. She still teases me about a pair of the girls panties she found on my mattrass later that day.

  • You might consider making up some "s** tickets" for Mother´s day or her birthday or even better for your anniversary.

    Make 3-5 of them and have them state that when ever and where ever she presents one to you, you are to eat her out on the spot or do what ever she tells you to for the next hour. That ought to get her fantasies flowing if you are lucky. Have an expiration date on them, say on her birthday.
    S** should be about fun and games.

    (I bet they do. :) )

  • WOW, This is a really Great idea. Maybe kind of a "t** for tat". She exchanges the "Sex Ticket" for anything she wants and maybe confesses a little herself.
    Thanks for the idea.

  • That´s the idea.

    Just dont call them "s**"-tickets. Find a more romantic name. S**-tickets is a blunt word. Call them erotic adventure-tickets or something like that.

    The reason why I suggested an expiration date is that it puts a little pressure on her without it being too much pressure. You´re in the "baby-steps"-mode here. Pressure turns her on but too much turns her off. It´s a delicate balance. The fun is in that balance and the progress. It´s like the office girl who starts by going to work commando under her long skirt and getting a secret thrill out of it. Then the skirts get progressively shorter and....

    After you give the tickets to her you might, when going on a car ride point out spots and say stuff like "I bet I could do you over there and no one would notice" and spice them up with stories of some of the places you have had s** in.

    That ought to keep your libido up too looking for those places. Just dont tell her everytime you are in the car. 2-3 times a month ought to be enough. Remember "dont be too pushy". :)

    I got this idea from a story I read on the net. The wife gave bj-tickets to her husband. He had her do one of those bj´s on a park bench after sunset an another in the kitchen at her parents during a party. Well, the story was a fantasy playing on the "risk of being caught"-thrill.

    First and foremost have fun... Both of you.

  • You might tell her some of your embarrasing tales and fantasies just to reciprocate her trust in you.
    Maybe find a really embarrasing, "I was caught..Now I can laugh, but at the time..."-type of story and if you´re lucky she´ll respond to that and help you relive it. She owes you that much.
    After all you let her relive her moment. Just dont be too pushy about it. Take your time and seduce her.

    For two people to play trust is the key word. You both need to feel secure no matter what the partner does or says.

    Other than that I dont know what to say, I mean, It all comes down to trust and the fact that she has to learn that she is not a freak for what she did. It was merely alcohol and meaningless s**. That´s what you have to teach her.

  • Thank you for the good advise.
    "Just dont be pushy about it"
    Boy do I know that from experience. A few years ago we went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras and I was "pushing" her into flashing. It was warm weather and she was wearing tops that did a very nice job of displaying her very nice Top. She did not handle the constant requests for her to flash very well. We ended up having a terrible time and a big fight. I talked her into giving it another try the next year. It was much cooler and she wore a coat and a few different sweaters. She was not "on display" as she put it and I promised not to "push" her into flashing. We had met a nice older couple at the hotel at breakfast and then met them again on Bourbon Street. We were standing there talking and all of a sudden the older gentleman excuses himself and runs over to get a picture of a young lady flashing and gives her a very nice set of beads. When he comes back my wife reaches over and grabs a set of his beads and says can I have these. He lifts up his camera, she pops out the Twins and the rest is history.
    Let me just add that we needed to buy a full suitcase to bring home her earned beads from that trip.

  • Haven't heard from you in a while. How did she earn a suitcase full of beads? Has she "talked" to you anymore?

  • I commented on this a week ago and nothing was posted. I'll try again if this works.

  • I'm just trying to add a little "spice" to a sixteen year marriage. This actually happened twenty years ago, before I even knew my wife. Some of your comments are funny and well thought out, but I was acyually being serious and was looking for some positive feedback.
    I know there is more to the story and I am just starting to get her to open up. And just for the record they are 38 D's and I am pleased as Hell that they are real and mine (she just wears them because they look better on her).

  • I guess that's where we depart. I'm an A-cup fan. Don't know why, always have been.

  • I am the Kid from the Fast food joint! Still got them draws too!

  • After all these years I hope you at least washed them.

  • Linda was my wife's Maid of Honor, my wife's name is Ann. Unlike most of the posts on this site, this one REALLY happened. There was four years between her first and second marriage and she had a somewhat active s** life. If I can get her to share I'll post her adventures here.

  • I find that story difficult to believe. He checked out "our" table? According to the story line, you weren't there. But if the story is true, why not just have her f*** the fast food guy again with you there. You might enjoy it and she probably wants his d*** again. And have him leave the condom off so you'll have a fresh cream pie to enjoy when he's done. Nothing wrong with that.

  • I'm sorry, I am not a professional writer, just an old married guys trying to spice up his marriage. I wasn't there, this happened before I even knew my Wife.

  • I tend to agree with the other poster to whom you just replied on one point. Perhaps she wants something a little more (a MFM threesome perhaps) and feels guilty about it. Have you two discussed this possibility? It's a surprisingly common way for people to spice up your marriage.

  • I don't know how I would feel about a threesome. I get excited hearing about things she has already done.

  • Well, damn, don't hold back on us! What other things has she done? BTW, hearing about things my wife had done before we married in part led to us engaging in several threesomes. They were MFF, though. That's when I learned my wife was a closet bi-sexual. It helped bring her out of the closet and into the bed.:-)

  • Well let's hear about some of those stories.

  • I love this post! SO FUCKING HOT! ..I hope Linda will share more with us.

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