Over youu

Damn you really need to get over yourself. Go ahead dumb s*** tell me about the games im playing. Haha your the one that can't get a grip on reality. What makes you think I want to be anything like you. Your stupid attention games don't phase me. What happend to "Ohh I don't know how much longer I have to live" shut the fuckk up. Obviously I hate you. Your a fake ass b****. you pretend that I betrayed you. Grow the f*** up your just p***** because I did something you could never do. Your a straight up p****. I thought you were going to die. You better cancel your graduation plans :) you can't have it both ways hun. You forgot to mention that our entire friendship was broken because you decided to lie about heroin. But sorry, I guess I forgot that its impossible for you to take responsibility for anything that happens in your life. Its funny that you
to try to pretend that you actually have your life figured out. The part that's even more funny is that you spend your days laying on your bed and playing endless video games. You're no better then a 5 year old in an 18 year olds body. Why do you seem to think everyone wants to copy you. I look nothing like you. And I don't want to so grow the f*** up. What makes you think that your nasty hair is in anyway attractive. Why is it that you say I mean nothing to you but I can't count how many confessions you write. Your definitely not worth my time. Stop contacting me and move on with your life. :)

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  • This is such a lame post. Why do people troll on the Internet like this and fill up the site with drama, sucide and lies. Boring.

  • Original OP. Sounds like a spoiled brat, who can't get her way. 0.o and ^ this all of this should be taken out of public.... And while ^you seem to know who this is don't stoop down to that level. Move on, sound like you could do better off without her. Vise versa.

  • I'm not the only one who sees it either. Your not over me or you wouldn't have made your email my old password. That's scary, ask anyone that's not normal. You hate me cool, but don't pretend like your the shot when your not going to finish highschool and your spending your days in your house on the computer. You asked me about the games your playing, so let me tell you. You said you wanted to be friends you missed me blah blahblah then the next thing you hate me. I can get you a therapist if you like. You need one. You I'd betray me and I'm not a p**** seeing as I did exactly what you did to me, I did tell your daddy little Kenzie. So sorry hun, but facts speak louder than words. I feel dirty even knowing your kind, like you infected me. Let's talk about dirty? You pierced your nipple because your an immature little girl with social issues. I just want to rid you from my life. You wanted to kill yourself, why not do it. Then again your getting a functions test on your immune system. Haha bullshit that's not even a legit process. Another game. And the only reason you got me to talk to you the first time was because you played I'm going to die in the hospital. You were never there. God, what am I doing. Why bother talking to you, it's pointless. We never shared anything real, it was always a game. I might have cared for you more than anyone, but that's who I thought you were. Not who you are. The person I would have given my life for, never existed. You just were the skin to hide the monster you truly are.

  • Kenzie, this is really sad. Dude, I honestly gave a f*** about you but why bother. You have some serious mental issues to work out. Your the one who's sitting around saying your going to die, with your sickness. How your not sure how long you have. Your pathetic dude. You take your dads credit card congratulations dude. You have no friends and your fake boyfriend even cheated on you. You copied my hair and style so obviously you do want to be me. Grow up? I have. Why not be mature and instead on posting on some site, bot be a p**** and talk to me man to man. You can't though because your 3 living under you mummy's thumbs. I get out more than you do, and I play video games with my friends. I have my life figured out I don't know why that bothers you, I guess because your Hirt that your life means nothing. You want me to be honest? If you died right now I wouldn't show up to your funeral. I'm disgusted by the person who sits behind a computer screen hiding from life. This is who you have always been, understood. Your mood swings have gotten old. Your lies and bullshit stories too. I wouldn't mind you dead because knowning someone like you is walking around makes me sick, you don't deserve life. After everything you do. Sony worry about me contacting you, I wouldn't spend a moment longer playing your redicouls games. Your going to end up like your wasteful family, full of drop outs and rapists. If and when you ever grow up, let me know. Otherwise don't bother me with your life affairs and issues anymore. I don't care.

  • Basically, you just double standard yourself. You said you don't know hoe many posts were written. Yet here you are writing them yourself.. Seems hypocritical.

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