I can't believe I'm telling anyone

I can't believe I'm telling anyone this. I'm a 28yo guy and I have a 19yo sister who recently moved out here to California and is staying with me. She quit school and has recently been doing modelling work. I'm ashamed to say it but I think she is one of the most gorgeous girl's I've ever seen in my life, I'm positive she will make a killing as a model. I haven't seen her in almost 4 years and didn't believe it was her when I picked her up at the airport. So anyway, my curiosity and perverted mind has got the best of me lately. The 2nd day she was here she went to meet up with someone and I drilled a small hole in the bathroom wall down by the vent so I could see her naked. For 3 nights in a row I jerked off while watching her undress. I needed more though so I've been touching her while she sleeps. I've only done it twice. The first time I just felt over her pajamas, and the second time I actually went under her clothes and touched her everywhere and sort of fingered her. I have no idea if she's still a virgin or not, but she is pretty tight down there. I haven't continued doing that because I kept forcing 2 fingers in her and she almost woke up and caught me. If you knew what she looked like you'd understand, I just really wish we weren't related.

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  • You should try it.

  • hahahahahahaha keep going hahahahaa

  • f****** disgusting

  • That was f****** hot, please stick ur d*** in my vaagina I got h****... :D

  • I'm ashamed of this now, but when I was 15 my sister was 18 and I really wanted to finally see and touch some b****. So one night I crept into her room at like 3 am when I knew she'd be sound asleep and I lifted her shirt and felt her t***. She rolled over and I got scared and ran back to my room.

  • Maybe she likes it. Tell her that her presents makes you aroused so she has to move out. Her answer will tell you what she thinks.

  • Wow.

  • Get your f****** head examined NOW.
    QUIT F****** YOUR FAMILY,YOU SICK SON OF A B****!!!!!!!

  • So after not seeing her or speaking to her for almost a year, my sister called me recently. She told me that I disgust her and how much she hates me blah...blah...blah. She told me that she knows what I did and that I'm lucky she doesn't go to the police. So I told her that she doesn't even know everything I did, that there is more than she knows about and if she says a word to anyone I'm putting the pictures of her naked in the bathroom, and the ones of her naked in her old bedroom all over the internet with her name attached. She just hung up on me after that. I guess I am pretty f***** up, because I don't even feel that bad about anything I did to her.

  • you know, I have a step sister that I have had a lot of guys say they thought she was very hot, and asked if I ever "hit that" she has been my step sister ever since we were in grammar school. My point is, even though she is my step sister, I still think that is sick and perverted for them to even ask a question like that. So after I removed my fist from there face, I would tell them they needed some professional help... and so do you!

  • Unlike you, at least she has a character.

  • tell her about your feelings of her, maybe she will understand,

  • She knew and pretended tobe asleep cos she loved it.

  • that is so hot. ngl.

  • how the h*** didnt she wake up when you fingered her, when my gf is asleep i somtimes see how far i can get before she wakes up, either your a ninja or a f****** liar............... but if your a ninja,YOU DA MAN

  • she sknow.....seriously, unless u drugging her, she knows!
    she may be too scared to confront u, but she definately knows.

  • wow i would never go that far like what you did. but a long time ago my friend stayed the night at my house and my sister was there sleeping. i guess she is kinda hot and has really big t***. anyway he gave me 40 bucks if i let him lift her shirt up. i ended up letting him and i couldn't stop myself from looking. i wouldn't let him touch her though, i knew if he did she would probably wake up and kill us.

  • Update time lol. So I went home for Thanksgiving, and she obviously didn't tell anyone what happened because nobody said anything about what I did. I didn't even get any weird looks...except from her. The only time our eyes met she gave me one of the dirtiest looks ever. It was awkward because I was home for 3 nights and she stayed somewhere else the whole time I was there, and she lives there! I'm sure that had my family wondering why.

  • seriously..........get help b4 you rape the poor thing. SHE S YOUR BLOOD
    send me videos of her undressing, she must be pretty hot if she makes you forget she's your sister.

  • just start eating her out, when she wakes up she'll be so h**** she wouldn't care.

  • go f*** ur self...

  • Lolol pretty funny update, glad to know u at least got a show

  • Well here's the update. She unfortunately caught me touching her and has since moved out. I'm kind of glad she left...for the both of us. I did however get to witness her playing with herself for like 20 min. lol...that was great. But yeah, a few weeks ago she was asleep and I had her shirt up and I was playing with her nipples and she woke up and that's that.

  • thats disturbing.
    seek help!
    imagine being her?

  • well im a women and its impossible to stay sleep and ur p**** is tight and have two fingers n no way the girl knows whats going on and is enjoying it and doesnt want to seem as sick as her nasty brother so she pretends to stay sleep all while she's praying that he puts his hard c*** in her....u both need help

  • Was using sis phone went in pix seen her home p*** and it was pretty hot sis was taking the D never looked at her same since lol

  • Look...I have a really good looking sister as well, but I have never even once thought about touching her in that way or tried to see her naked. I think there's something wrong with you.

  • I know for sure that it's possible too. I used to finger f*** my ex-girlfriend when she was asleep. She was a very deep sleeper. Most of the time she would be moving her hips back and forth like she was having s**. I've just always wondered who was f****** her in her dreams!

  • hahahahahahahahahahahahah! nice dude!!!

  • ^^i want to know this persons story!!!^^^

  • Without going into detail...I can tell you from personal experience that it is VERY possible.

  • It's possible that she ould get fingered and not wake up. If she's sleep she could start dreaming and encourage it. But then again at some point she should realize that it's for real and wake up.

  • You fingered her and she didn't wake up? I doubt it. Youre gross for evenmaking that up.

  • thats sick

  • send me videos of her undressing, she must be pretty hot if she makes you forget she's your sister.

  • You really do need help, obviously that is very wrong. Not only are you taking advantage of this poor girl, BUT SHE IS YOUR SISTER. Think of the damage you can do to her if she catches you. Don't be so selfish.

  • seriously..........get help b4 u rape the poor thing. SHE S YOR BLOOD

  • Think about it.....she's your sisiter!! Get Help.

  • Oh god. Hot.

  • That's horrible! That poor girl!

  • you the man.

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