I am a transman, which means I'm basically a dude with a v*****. Grossed out? Don't care. Anyway.

I have a v*****. When I hit puberty, my voice dropped. I started growing facial hair. My mom took me to an OBGYN who gave me female hormones so I would bleed out my vag (because I don't naturally get my period). Five years later I'm on testosterone so I can look like myself.

I have friends who were born with both male and female gentiles, who were assigned one s** at birth based on their parents' preference (male or female) and were expected to conform 100% to their role. That means hermaphrodites/intersex assigned the "male" s** were called f*** by their parents for wanting to be female--even though they had vaginas.

I've had friends who were born with penises, who, during their botched circumcision, was accidentally castrated. This particular boy I'm talking about was raised as a girl because he didn't have a p****. Guess what? He's still a boy, no matter how he was raised.

I've known people who appear wholly female, completely female, don't make testosterone naturally at all, certainly not enough to stop their period, who confess that as infant children they cried for days and days and days when they realized they were "girls", and that they would never be seen as male. One transman I talked to thought men had vaginas and women had penises when he was little, because his best toddler friend was a baby transwoman and called herself "she" and they had seen each other naked. Conclusions were drawn in a 4-year-old's mind, and I guess their parents just thought it was a "phase"? Guess what? Not a phase. All these female-appearing "females" grew up to be big, gay transmen.

SO YOU GUYS! I'm a transsexual, technically. I probably wouldn't tell anyone about my friends (other than my friends) outside of this post, so enjoy.

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  • i think your sexy! <3
    but my opinion doesn't matter
    go on! your awesome!

  • so u can get wet and have a b****?

  • as long as they don't give them special rights and wave it in my face I don't care what they do.

  • I'm not sure why, but I'm proud of you.

  • Do you have sexual desire for the c***?

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