Plz help me

my mum (a revovering alchoholic) told me that she met some guy and that she is going out to meet him, she says he is nice and that she makes her happy.

she is still with my Dad (a compulsive gambler) and we have had alot of problems over the last 18 years of my life.

my Dad has been a real C*** to my mother but as of the last 3 years he has been trying to redeem himself and showed that he cares about us all.

i have a younger brother and sitser and my mum chose to tell me about it...

i dnt know what to do, if i tell my dad i dnt know what he will do, our family cnt take anymore problems, if i tell anyone then this could ruin and tear us apart.

my sister is only 8 and my brother is 15 going on to year 11 to do his GSCE's i cnt tell them about this they cnt know....

our family has endured so much and we have only just found some stability.

this is probably nothing in comparison to the problems of others, but i really can't take anymore of this...

plz comment and give me some advice...

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  • Just find really good alcohol, it'll be a party! My cousin is an alcaholic, I had to pick him up from a bar one night, he's a crying drunk, I said, "You have to stop drinking!" He says "I'm sick!" lol oh the fun never stops! There was another time I hid my booze, and he started to try to tear my house apart looking for it. I said "get out!" lmao this one is classic, he said"I need help" LOL He needs help? I'm like, "Who is gonna help me clean my house?" He did though, and we celebrated by getting him a drink.
    The last thing was really classic, My friend tied a rope to a vodka bottle, and dragged it around, well my cousin chases it everywhere! he finally gets the bottle and its water!
    Listen I gotta jet, but remember what I said, and really take it to heart.

    Your mother, out of anybody else, should know that a situation like this could tear the family apart. It seems selfish for your mother to see someone that could destroy what little stability you may have.

    For the sake of your siblings, and especially for yourself, tell your mother not to see this guy. The welfare of her children should come before her own.

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