Was This Wrong?

I found nude pictures of my mother, and showed them to my boyfriend.
See, I found the pics (presumably taken by my dad) totally by chance, and happened to mention them to my BF. He kept bugging me about it, so I just let him see them.

I'm 24, and don't live at home anymore, but go back there all of the time.

Was it too weird that I just caved and showed something like that to my BF? I feel a little bad now.


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  • This is really not all that crazy. As a man myself, I can tell you that, YES, it's not uncommon at all for a guy to develop some kind of slight crush on the mother of his girlfriend/wife. Assuming that she's reasonably good looking, it can be a real turn on for a guy to see that his own love interest might age well, also. TOTALLY not strange that your BF would want to see the pics of your mom. BE THAT AS IT MAY, however, you frankly did the wrong thing by LETTING him. I mean, as the woman, it's sort of your job to decide where the line should be drawn sometimes. Men can be depraved bastards, and the ladies (whether it's fair or unfair) must be the ones to decide where the boundaries should be from time to time. You're the ones who are more capable of it, so frankly, it's your job and you've got to deal with that. So, YES, Original Poster, what you did was wrong. HOWEVER, I disagree with those who say your boyfriend is abnormal. Wanting to see a naked woman is NEVER abnormal for a man...and wanting to see a girlfriend's MOM naked...well...really ain't all that weird, either, necessarily. H***, I remember one time, my fiance and I were staying unexpectedly with her parents for the weekend, and since she hadn't packed anything, my fiance had to borrow underwear from her mother. Yeah, she was wearing her mom's panties for about a day...and you know what? --I never would have predicted it, but I'll admit that I got oddly TURNED ON by that. MY woman? In her MOTHER'S underwear and bra all day??? Sorry, but it got me weirdly excited. I've kept that little factoid a secret ever since, but it's still there. So, I guess this has turned out to be a confession for me, as well. Go figure!

    Thank you, everyone who has been supportive.

    And, to those who told me I should be ashamed - maybe you're kind of prudish.

    Knowing how men are, I never really thought it was weird that my boyfriend (who I have been with for over 2 years, and who I highly doubt will leave me in three months time) would be curious to see those pictures.

    And, the fact is, my mother looked amazingly good in them, for her 47 years. If my BF was hoping to scope out how I might look at that age, I think I'm in pretty darn good shape with him (unless he's totally delusional). Honestly, I actually do HOPE that I look as good as my mom does when I reach her age, and I wish I could ask her what her secret is. :)

    I don't think my BF is a perv, or that this has exposed a "danger sign." If anything, the whole situation is MY fault for letting it drop to him that these photos exist. I shouldn't have let that slip. My s****-up, not his.

    I actually feel better now. I mean, it's not like I let him KEEP any of those pictures, or anything. They won't be showing up online, or passed around anywhere. No one will ever know about them. Besides, my man said that Mom looked great, and I bet that would probably make her kind of glad, in an odd way, if she ever found out.

    Whatever. It's just nakedness, people. Get over it.

  • Oh please, your an immature child with a big mouth. It's not just nakedness, it's her body. You should be in shame. Why not go walk outside naked? Disgusting. You obviously have no morals. No vaules. Don't tell us to get over it. Your the batshit who posted and asked for our answer if you can't Handel it than grow up or get the f*** out. Period. And you loser boyfriend will be thinking about your mother and other p*** outlights when f****** you. Your probably a ugly overgrown child with major flaws and self preservation problems. Just because were not all slez bags doesn't mean where prude. What I do in bed is between me and my man. Hense intimacy.

  • Of course your boyfriend wanted a look. Few guys could resist getting a gander at their girlfriend's naked mother, assuming she is rather hottish. Don't feel bad. She allowed the picture to be taken, posed for it and kept it around. It's something to be enjoyed.

  • 24? What are you four? This isn't how and tell. Your immaturity is repulsive. I hope your daughter shows everyone pictures of your slurry body. What a complete b****.

  • It was beyond weird! You should have more respect for your mother! First of all when you so- called "found them you should have left them alone. Second you should NOT have told your boyfriend, much less showed them to him! You need a lesson in decency and respect! You should feel REALLY REALLY bad! Worst of all, this loser boyfriend probably won't be around in 3 months!

  • It doesn't bode well that he pestered you for them, as if he lusted after your mother. A decent guy would not have gone there.

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