I was nasty when young

About 6mo after I got my first job, 2 mates and I were sharing a house. We had a spare bedroom. One night we were having this small party and this girl was there. She talked about how she hated home but had no money to move out.

After the party us guys talked then we called her and offered her that she could have the room and food rent free but she had to cook and clean and be our house slave. No s** but we made her wear little short skirts and would feel her up. If she argued or lost her temper we would make her be nude. If she complained we said she could always go home.

For almost a year she put up with this. What I now see as abuse but then it was just see how far she would go. How much she would put up with.

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  • You should have made her suck your c***

  • We had this share house with three of us. If you left the place in a mess then the other two would come into your room and strip you and make you clean up in the nude.

  • I know i shouldn't be laughing, but she's an idiot for putting up with that lol No offense. I'm sure you're all good looking. But if you did that to me, i would have called the police for sexual assault stat. I wouldn't mind the outfits. Touching and being nude is where i cross the line

  • Then what fun are you? (JK)

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