I am attracted to young teen girls

I'm a married man in my late 20's and i'm attracted to young teenage girls ...it's human nature to be attracted to younger women, but i still feel odd about it. i've fantasized about my 13 year old niece (my wife's niece NOT blood related) they are so developed these days and such soft bodies. i wont ever act upon it but i feel ridiculous .

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  • Did you clowns not read what he said? "I won't ever act upon it." Not a pedophile. Not sick. And he can look at himself because he's a normal, red-blooded male. Get over yourselves. He's doing nothing wrong, and he's doing nothing more than expressing a normal urge. Sheece....

  • U are a pedophile .... how can you look at yourself knowing what you
    are ??

  • Your a married man and to be thinking about young girls is pretty scary ,I hope you don't have kids or your going to end up messing up there life with your sick fantasias .

  • This is the honest truth: I realized in my early 20s that I, too, was still attracted to much younger girls. Which was slightly problematic for me because I was then, and still am, a teacher at a Catholic middle school. Yes, that means 12-14-year-old girls in full schoolgirl garb. I am smart enough to never try anything... I have too much to lose and I know it's not right. But I do love being surrounded by them all day. And guess what - most of the girls are attracted to men in the 24-35-year-old range. Of course, the men they say they like are celebrities, but still, they pick celebrities who are much older than themselves. I think it's natural.

  • Some people say you might be sick. I say not. My niece is 15 walks around the house with a tight tank top won't no bra. She puts on short shorts so you can almost see every thing. She always having s** with her bf.

  • Totally agree with this ^ comment. i fell for the daughter of one of my business partners when she started developing. fantasized about her. wanted her. thought of ways i could get in her pants. thought about leaving my wife. i flirted with her when she came by the office and no one was around. hugged and kissed her inappropriately. guess i was bold as long as i knew nothing was going to happen. but after about a year of that she started noticing my interest and started understanding what i felt. even said she knew i was in love. she said she wanted it too. but said we couldnt f*** because she was underage and didnt want me in jail. she was smart enough to know that the business would fail if we f***** because her dad and me couldnt work together anymore. she was right so i backed away and so did she. a few years later she left for college and i havent seen her since then. i could kick myself in the head for not pursuing her because i was really in love with her and i wanted her body more than any other woman i have ever known or met or even seen. i would give anything to go back and change what i didnt do back then.

  • You weren't in love. You were in l***.

  • L U S T

  • sick f***. get help.

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