Still a Virgin

I confess that I'm still a virgin, and I want to be that way till I find my true love and marry him, then I will have the will to have s** with him and give him my flower. And just to let you know, you may have the duobts of I'm not pretty, and that's why I don't have s**, but I'm beautiful.

Aug 6, 2011

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  • Be proud of yourself , do not let others say your weird or crazy , they are the crazy ones . keep your love life private what ever happens .

  • me too sista, me too. Ultimate test of love right there. You'll find it that way.

  • Your ugly.

  • what a waste! just f*** someone! chances are your first time will be weird no matter what, mainly because your not used to it. S** is just a part of life. You kiss someone? What would have happened if you had waited till you were married? Some people do that, and its lame. The 2nd or 3rd time it will be great, practice makes perfect.

  • Losing my virginity was the worst thing I ever did, keep hold of it for someone special x

  • I totally agree! My boyfriend too, amazingly enough. No s** until married is great, presonally I'd feel so weird being married and knowing there had been all those other guys, I'd feel guilty...

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