My girlfriend cheated on me with her ex and lied about it

I been with this girl for almost two years and we did talk about getting married also. I loved her and she always said she loved me too. She started getting phone calls from her ex and walk outside to talk to him. When she came back she deleted the number. So i watched for a week doing that almost every day. Until I went online and checked and found out the number she was talking to and deleting was from her ex. I found out that she was talking to him almost every day. I stayed two months without telling her I know hoping she would change, but she kept doing it. In the end i confronted her about it and she told me that they were talking about their daughter together. Then a few months later we had an argument. I went to sleep and I woke up she wasn't there. After looking for her and calling friends and family, no one knew where she was at. At 930 pm she called and told me she was at her ex's house. I went and picked her up. She swore to God and her dead son that she won't do it again. A week later I was still hurt with what she did and I told her I was leaving her and I went to work. I said I am not coming back home. I came in the night and she's not home. So I started calling her and she finally answered and told me she was at a good friends and was going to stay at a hotel. I said please let me see you and she hung up the phone in my face. Two days later she called me and told me to come to the hotel and talk. I went there and we solved our problems. I asked her did you cheat on me or see your ex. She swore again no I wont do that to you. I believed her even though i had a strong feeling she was lying. So i took her and her kids to the house. We were back happy for about 3 months. Three months later I found out from her brother that she lied and did stay with her ex husband the first night she told me she was at the hotel. So I waited for six months waiting for her to tell me. Finally one day her ex texted her when i was next her and said it. I told her i know about it and at first she still denied it. Finally she told me the truth and admitted that she did stay with him and have s** with him. She told me other times that she meet him and kept it from me and that she had s** with him the first week we were together. She also told me one time she showered at his house and he walked in on her. She told me after the time at the hotel she realized how much she loves me and doesn't want to be without me and she did change. She said she hasn't done anything wrong for the last nine months. What should I do? Even though she knows I hate lies that is what killed the most trust is lies. Should I forgive her and stay with her or move on?


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  • Move on , she will do it again . I am going through the same thing with my girlfriend and I’m about to leave her

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  • No. Don't get back together with her. I know that when you love someone, you can forgive anything they do, but this time you need to use your head and not your heart. I know it's tough to hear this, but trust me, when someone is being unfaithful to you, and even worst, had S** with someone else is just unforgivable. That's in my situation at least, I would never forgive my girlfriend if she ever did that to me. Good luck out there my friend, the choice is yours. You really need to make a tough desicion, and you'll never know if she will cheat again. Best of luck to you - M

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  • Yes of course forgive but never forget if the pattern of betrayal starts again give her the ultimatum you or him that she can't have you both and see how she responds! Tell her right away what you suspect an let her go if she can't stop lying and cheating! For I know that pain all to well and gone thru it my self and wished I could let that person know how hurt and betrayed and kept it to and ruined my life now where it's too late I stay in too long with bitter heart and finally got it broken and have been a lone for many years only if I forgave and let go I wouldn't be lonely I can't trust anyone and can't find love and don't have them forgive let go and make her choose if she choose to leave let her go she choose to stay keep her if she betrays again walk away and move on!

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  • Jordan! Please! You sound like a hopeless dope! Be a man! Show yourself some dignity and respect and walk away. Obviously this woman sees you as the way you're acting. There are awesome women out there, you just have to take the time to find and know them well. She is not worth it as painful as it sounds. You are nothing more than a rest stop for her and her kids, then she moves on again and the next stop, ex-hub. She knows her ex-husband is no good as is she, otherwise, they'll still be married to each other. They are both cheaters and they truly deserve each other. Pick yourself up man and have some backbone. Otherwise you'll truly get yourself hurt. Does AIDS sound painful to you?

  • its my story and its real....she told me 2 stay with her for weeks so she can show me she did change..3 nights ago i found out she still lying 2 me n keep goin with it..also i found out when she had a job i was askin her when is her lunch brake so we can go eat lunch 2gther she always tell me dont know every day is different i found out she was goin 2 his house on her lunch brake 2 f*** him :( while i am baby sittin there kid so they can have fun

  • man that hurts so bad. you should dump her ass and go find another one. Seriously is it really going through all this? she might be good for 9 months but how about 2 years or 20 years later? is she still gonna cheat on you? ask yourself that question. A cheater will always be a cheater.

  • Jeezus buddy i hope this is not your story ,but i know it must be and this is heartbreaking. I hate to say it but this is why i despise most women and all my friends are guys. This woman has never been committed to you and the lies fall from her lips like water, and unfortunately since they have kids together you can't keep them from seeing each other by demanding she have no contact with that azzhole/waste of foreskin.I hate liars and she has lied right to your face over and over,no one deserves that pain and you desrve better my friend.Because every time she has to see this j*** about their kids you will go nutz imagining them having s**, i don't care what she says she will never change and they deserve each other. Tell her goodbye, it will hurt for a long time but you must move on,this will likely end in bloodshed if you don't,definitely no happy ending here if you stay... mark my words.

  • she sounds to me she never cared about you, and you said she loves you...if she loves you why she is doing that then.all b****** says that when they find out you know about it, if you never found out she is going to keep f****** him.and how you know she still not f****** him now, they have a kid together that means she is going to see him again and again.she had s** with him more than 1 time while she was with you, so she is going to do it again don't know when!!for a women to f*** some one else it means she still love him

  • dude how many times she have to do it to you? we all know if she done it once she is going to do it again..
    you better off with out her

  • man that hurts

  • Once a cheater, always a cheater. My ex cheated on me and the first time I was dumb enough to go back to him....remember I said DUMB because eight more times he cheated on me after that!!! Dump the broad, it's on your best interest!

  • Drop the b****.

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