Is my doctor Dr. Feelgood?

This is what I least expected from my family's doctor, who I consider a friend...

He has medically treated my whole family and knows me well. I even introduced him to two of my former boyfriends, and he always told them how great I was as a person, and that they were lucky to have me as a girlfriend.

I remember the first time I saw him alone in his office: he was looking at me from head to toes, flirting in a subtle way, and then started to unzip his pants so I could give him a b******.

I looked at him with disgust, but the truth is I found him attractive and really wanted to blow him. He's a hot, older man... Still, I didn't do nothing because I knew he was married.

He became my family's doctor of choice, so I kept going to his office, and we just talked, like nothing happened the first time we met.

After I broke up with my last boyfriend, my doctor started to flirt with me more often, and my time in his office consisted of us talking about other things, not about my health.

I would make my appointments early in the afternoon, and for some reason, he pushed the consultations for later because, according to him, he could had more time for me.

I said ok, no problem. The last time we met later in the afternoon, and again, started talking about other things... we're both smart and curious people, so it's kind of normal for us to talk and talk and for time to fly...

Anyway, he invited me to a get together later that night, something like a wine and cheese party in his office, so I could "meet his friends", but I said no. Then he said that I should call him, plenty of times, but I pretended I wasn't listening. He even told me he liked me, he even said the L word.

He started to moan after stretching his arms, a couple of times, and started touching his pants and caressing himself. He wanted to see my reaction.

I was ashamed, my face was all red, and yet I was very turned on. The worst thing is, I think his wife was outside, waiting for our time to end... and she suspected nothing was happening.

His wife actually thinks I'm a nice young woman that posses no threat to her or her family. I've known her since I was a teenager, and I really like her. She's a great woman, that has a crappy husband that's willing to cheat.

The doctor's wife and family are the reason why I haven't jumped him. I am ashamed, but I feel in my guts he could be a great lay. I want to blow him and hear him moan again... But, don't get me wrong. I know it's not right and I really don't want to be "the other woman".


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  • No. Don't do it. May turn you on and sound fun and adventurous. But the outcome of you being the homewrecker...Doesn't sound like a fun thing to go through! You'd be setting urself up big time!

  • I agree. Sometimes you can't help who you feel attracted to. It's inevitable. But we're not animals, or are we?

  • why did u breakup with ur bf

  • I broke up with my last bf because he had a lot of growing up to do. I felt like I was pushing him to grow. I don't like that feeling, at all. BTW I'm answering all comments at once. lol

  • Thank you for having a modicum of integrity!
    The doctor should be reported to the police! DO IT!!

  • I didn't do it... Haven't gone back to his office. BTW I posted this confession.

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