Wife and friend

Had been telling my wife of 2 years that I wanted to watch her f*** another guy. She kept telling me no and saying I wouldn't like it if she did. This had been my fantasy since before I ever met my wife. One night we got a little drunked up and she let me take pictures and video of her nude and us having s**. A few months later a buddy of mine from school came home to see his parents. We decided to hang at the pub and we got to feeling good. I started showing him the pictures and video of my wife and told him about my fantasy. The next night he decided to come to my house and we all three started drinking. I kept giving my wife drinks until she was feeling good. That's when I asked her if she wanted to f*** my buddy. At first she said no, but I assured her I would not get mad. She asked me if I was sure that's what I wanted. I told her yes and told her my buddy was already willing if she wanted to. When we returned to the livingroom where my buddy was still drinking, my wife walked over to him and asked if he wanted her. He shook his head yes and my wife started stripping off her clothes. My buddy stripped off his clothes and sat back down. My wife took his c*** in her hand and started stroking him, then sucking him. She sucked his c*** and rubbed his b**** as I sat on the couch and watched. As she continued to give him a b****** I took out my own c*** and started stroking myself. I did it very slowly to make sure I didn't finish too soon. My wife finally laid back on the floor and spread her legs. My buddy got between her legs and started eating her p****. He licked her c*** as he pushed a couple fingers inside her. My wife was arching her back and I could tell that she was enjoying herself. She kept grabbing my buddies hair and forcing his head into her p**** as she moaned loudly. He kept licking her p**** as I slowly stroked my c*** having to stop several times to keep myself from c******. Before long my wife pulled my buddy up from her p****. She told him to f*** her and f*** her now. By this time I knew there was no stopping even if I wanted them to. My buddy crawled up on top of my wife and she grabbed his c*** placing it at her p**** lips. She then grabbed his ass and pulled him towards her forcing his c*** inside her p****. She let out a loud moan as she held him b**** deep inside her. My buddy started f****** her as she continued to moan and ask him to f*** her, f*** her harder. I had never seen my wife act this way. She was an animal asking, almost begging him to f*** her harder and faster. She had her legs up over his shoulders as he plowed his c*** deep inside her p****. She was so wet I could see her juices covering his c*** every time he pulled out. After awhile she pushed my buddy off her and rolled over onto her hands and knees. My buddy then pushed his c*** back inside her and continued f******. Not long after they started f****** doggy style, my wife told my buddy to f*** her in the ass. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I had begged her since we were dating to let me f*** her in the ass, and she would never let me saying she didn't do that ever. My buddy looked at me and I nodded my head in approval. He pulled his already sloppy wet c*** out of her p**** and placed the head of his c*** at her a***. He slowly pushed popping the head of his c*** inside her a***. She gripped the pillow and buried your face in it screaming. I knew she was in pain and figured she would stop, but she didn't. My buddy continued pushing until his c*** was buried in her ass. I was so excited from seeing my wife with another mans c*** in her ass that I started to c**. I wasn't even stroking myself and had actually stopped when she asked him to do it. The intensity of that o***** was no other I have ever had. I didn't even know it was possible to o***** without touching it. My buddy continued f****** my wife until he too could no longer stand it. He shot his c** deep inside her ass. At the same time he was c****** in her ass my wife let out a load screaming o***** herself and then collapsed with my buddy on top of her. I think it's safe to say we all had a great evening and look forward to the next time my buddy comes to visit.

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  • I would love to f*** your wife and unload into her!

  • So basically she was riding a real c*** since yours totally felt like nothing.
    And you did good by letting her experience a real mans c***. Keep letting her until she finds a size that makes her c** almost immediately

  • Yeah her P**** will feel great whith another guys c** in it.Think you’re buddy will be up for f****** her when he visits next month?

  • Yes. He asked if we were planning the same fun as last time. I had him on speaker phone with my wife and before I could say anything my wife said "absolutely".
    Then we discussed the possibility of giving my wife a DP. We haven't decided on who will be where, so it's not a forsure thing yet. I want to f*** her in the ass while my buddy f**** her in the p****, but my wife says no because I'm too big. She would rather have me in her p**** and my buddy in her ass because he's smaller and will hurt less. She does have a point, I am a lot bigger than he is, but I really want to f*** her in the ass, and now that she has let him do her ass I'm kind of jealous. She just keeps saying that I'm too big and that's why she's never let me. I'm not giving up though. Just like the government shutdown, we are having our own standoff about me f****** her ass.

  • You must have been so h**** watching him use her mmmm

  • Yes, but she got pissy afterwards and accused me of being an a****** who used her in my "warped sexual games". I told her that she went along with it too, but she said that she was drunk and didn't know what she was doing. She moved out for a few days afterwards, telling me she was divorcing me, and moved in with a friend of hers. Then come to find out she was actually interested in some other guy she knows and after we did our thing she figured what the h***. She didn't want me watching and she didn't want me knowing about her f****** this other guy, so she figured if we split then it wouldn't be considered cheating. When I found out I was p***** and asked her why the h*** she didn't just talk to me about it. I would have let her f*** him by herself under two conditions. One, she had to come home afterwards and tell me all about it as we had s**. And two, she couldn't wear a condom because I want to f*** her sloppy p****. She apologized for handling it the wrong way and moved back home. Unfortunately for her, her guy friend is married and his wife found out about them two. She forced him to quit his job and move to where her family is from several states away. I told her she could find someone else but she hasn't yet. My buddy is coming to visit next month, so that will be fun.

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