How co-workers

My co-worker and I knew there was some sexual tensions between us from the day that we were introduced. It took us a whole year before finally giving in.

Our desks were in front of each other's. One day we were exchanging emails about work, when he suddenly asked me harmless, personal questions. I didn't have much on my plate that day so I indulged him in email chit chat. I don't know how we got to talking about s**. We were both so hot, glancing at each other from time to time, trying our best not to get noticed by the others. I licked my lips while he was looking at me and he sent me an email that he was already rock hard. That was a few minutes before we get off work.

The elevator ride down the building seemed like ages. We didn't talk or anything, we just seemed to know we wanted each other so bad. Without a word, he looked at me and signalled me to follow him to his car.

We got in the backseat and he immediately unbuttoned by shirt while kissing my mouth wildly. His tongue was all over the place. He wasn't that much of a good kisser but something about the way he kissed me made me so f****** wet. He unhooked my bra sucked on my nipples til they became so hard. I didn't even notice I was moaning real loudly. That seemed to get him off more. I unzipped his pants as he sucked on one of my b****** and caressed the other.

I knelt and gave him the wildest, hottest, kinkiest head I have given in my entire 25 years of existence. I started by licking the head, and then down his shaft, swallowing his whole d***, going up and down like a s** crazed woman. Then his phone rang. At this point, I would like everyone to know that we're both happily married. His wife was calling him. Instead of stopping, the idea of him talking on the phone while I give him head made me even more hot and naughty. I made him answer the phone and he tried with all his might not to moan while I rubbed his d*** in between my b******. I could hear him say, "hi baby, uhh, yeah I'm picking you up, uhh, just uhh give me 15 minutes uhh I'll be there. What? No I just uhh ran down the stairs because uhh s*** uhh yeah the elevator broke and yeah see you soon. Love you. Uhhhh" He couldn't help but moan while talking to his wife on the phone and it was the hottest thing in the world.

When he was about to come, he said "this is uhhh the best uhhh f****** mmm b****** that mmm I ever got UHHHHMMMMMM" and I let him come in my mouth. Neither of us spoke after that. I got out of his car and got into mine after buttoning my shirt back.

That was the first of our many escapades, all of which happened in his car.

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  • Oooh, what else happened after that? :)

  • How were u dressed? what exactly were u wearing?

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