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For 10 years I have been working for my local branch of the FBI. I have not been able to tell anyone but my family and I'm tired of keeping it secret. I only have to keep it quiet due too the area in which I am working, but don't get me wrong, I love my job. Guess you could say I moonlight as a stay at home mom from Johnson County Missouri.



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  • Any person making nasty remarks about this woman, must remember, Federal Agents (I am a retired agent myself) protect this nation. People like you ("grammer") deserve a BIG dose of reality! For my fellow Agent, thank you for all that you do and for continuing to protect the people of our nation.

  • Feds, in most cases, are smart enough to know the correct context in which to use certain words and grammar; being that "too" should be spelled "to." -_-

  • If you are judging grammar on a secret confession site, you either A) Believe you know everything or B) Have nothing better to do than insult other's in order to make yourself feel better. And for the record it's Federal Agent, not 'Fed'.

  • FBI usually isn't that secretive a job. Are you an informant? Fluffer?

  • It isn't unusual for some people too believe they know exactly how the FBI, CIA, Secret Service works. An informant isn't employed by the FBI. Being that I am employed w/the FBI I can truly say that you have no idea what else we do.

  • My husband is in the same boat as you :) At first it was very hard for him to not talk about because asking a person what they do for a living is a common question. It's better now, but I'm sure people know, they just don't talk about it.

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