I hope I die before I reach retirement age.

For the past seventeen years, I've been working at a Giant Eagle. Yesterday, did some calculations and discovered that in twenty years I'll be able to retire. The thing is, I'll be d@mned if I have to wait twenty years before I can leave that place. Now I know that anyone who is reading this will say I should find another job. The thing is I can't. I'm not making excuses. What I'm going to say is very true believe it or not. I have tried to look for other jobs but, they are in other states, cities that I don't know how to get to, or require experience. Even jobs that I had applied for online require references and I don't have any. Because of this, I'm officially stuck in my current job unless I die first and believe me, if I were to find out I was dying, I'd feel nothing but relief that my death will mean no more working.

Aug 5

Next Confession

YouTube video makes me want to leave everything behind.

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