I miss you

That i still love you caroline. well i met you at work an we became good friends and great lovers. even though we are both married we still fell for each other even though we know we should not have. it was all good till we broke from the norm an started sneaking out when husband was off instead of jus keeping to the days when he worked late an we had hours before he would call an say he was on the way home and ask you did you need anything from walmart no we had to get greedy and he got suspicious an found out about our little affair. you told me we had to stop cause you want your marriage to have a chance an i said its cool your right we need to stop. i tried to act like it dont matter that its all good well its not i miss you so much. i miss the way you hold me the way you squeeze me tight. i miss your tight p**** lips wrapped around my d*** you know how you fit me so well. i miss the way you moan in my ear an tell me how good i feel to you. i miss rubbing an caressing your back i miss sucking on your neck making you shake all over with anticipation. you text me from time to time to check on me an i act like this strong macho guy who dont hurt for s***. i act like this strong proud black man cant be hurt by some little white nothin chick . well i confess baby i miss you i still need you an i will wait for you im not goin to cross that line i am goin to stay back like i promised i would and wait for you. its been a little over 2 months an i am dieing inside with out you. you text me tonight an told me about this site i wish i knew where to look to see what you posted. did you post about me. are you telln strangers you miss me also that you want me deep inside you . do you dream about me like i do you. do your kids miss me? i miss all 3 of them . have my baby girl been wearing the outfit i got her for her birthday. do she play with the toy cell phone? well i know you will never see this but know you touched me in a way no one has before i miss you boo call me

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  • You blew it and got caught. You're lucky all you're missing is tight p**** lips.

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