What should i do?

Me and my husband have been together for 9 years and we recently split like 4 days ago because i found out he cheated on behind my back while i was busy planning my grampas funeral, it was the first time he did this to me, i was willing to forgive and forget because i missed him so much but the pain was too much i had to let him go, when we were arguing he told me didnt love me anymore and i should just go, but I dont believe him I think he just didnt want to face what he did and rather walk away than explain to me, i really miss him so much, our kids keep asking where he is, i keep thinking he is going to walk in the door, i look to where he sleeps, we did everythng together, im not ready to let go of him weve been through so much, i dont know how this goes should i give us some time like a couple weeks to think or should i try and tell him how i feel and that i want him back??, someone please help me i miss him and love him soooo much

Dec 4, 2011

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  • Hopefully you got over him because he sure as h*** was over you.

  • leave it to time.80 percent come back after a while.be patient be there when he needs yoy but not over attetative. Hope the best for you and more so for your kids

  • Don't listen to number one. Marriage is hard and people make many mistakes. If that is the only one in 9 years then its immature to simply say goodbye. Your husband saying he doesn't love you could be do to him being caught and/or unable to forgive himself or fess up to how he truly feels. I had something similar happen to me only recently. My spouse and I went to see the lawyers and I was searching for an apt. We were all done, but for the Grace of God. Since we have reconciled, I've moved back into the home, and we and our four children have never been happier.

  • thanks i really needed to hear that, Its just so hard without him around its like losing someone for real, i keep thinking hes going to come walking in the door, it's only been a week since we went out seperate ways and i brought him all his stuff today, he moved to his parents, I told him i miss him and love him, he told me to keep busy and dont cry and just to concentrate on me, he knows i still love him, how long do you think we should wait to try again?

  • I think you should let him go. If he said he didn't love you then most likely he doesn't, I mean seriously look at what he's done. He's ripped your family apart without a thought in the world but how he was going to satisfy himself. Once a cheater always a cheater. When children are involved there's no excuse. Move on.

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