I want to marry a virgin girl.

I am 29 years old, male. I am still a virgin. I have been waiting to find a virgin girl to marry but i was unlucky so far.
Life **.

Next Confession

First real naked girl

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  • Should have had ** like a normal person , there are NO virgins your age pal .. Even younger .. MUCH younger I would re evaluate your plans lol

  • It is worth the wait. We were in 1973 and we were glad we were. Keep trying!

  • Life don't **, you just have to look in the right places. You, are a pride to today's youth. Do not lose this value. A person's virginity is very precious despite all the teenagers going at it like rabbits now. I hope you find that girl :D

  • Solution. Go to a Christian College. Those places are overpopulated with horney virgins! lol

  • Virgins? I am sorry to bust your bubble but if you haven't checked the news lately right now in society they got girls as young as 11-18 years old giving birth. I suggest you re-evaluate trying to find a "Virgin" your better off meeting someone get to know them, care for each other build friendship,relationship etc..


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