Still a virgin

I'm still a virgin. I'm turning 19 in a month. I'm the only one of my friends left.
I feel horrible about still being a virgin at 19. I didn't want to lose it when I was underage because that seemed skanky to me, but even though 17 felt too young, 19 feels too old. I feel like I missed the right window.

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  • Im 32 and am still a virgin and it doesnt bother me. Sheesh s** isnt everything. Dont rush.

  • ^Sheesh.

    Its not a race.

  • First you should do a ton of coke. Then find the biggest blackest n***** that's right I said n***** to f*** you in you c*** hole and your stinky a******. Then let the n***** dump his load in ur cunthole

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