Messed around with father in law

Me and my father in law messed around. it was really really hot. Also strange because it happened on his 19 yr wedding aniv. We didn't plan it out. in fact i didn't think he really liked me because he had talked a little bad about me to my husband. i've only known and been married to him for 1/2 yr so. basically me and fil hooked up 3 months after we met. is that bad?

it happened around 2 am after everyone passed out and we were the only two watching music videos in the living room.

we did flirt a little that night though and he had checked me a few times in the prior months but i thought i read those signs wrong. looking back i know he was... i guess i didn't want to think he wanted me. eventhough he is really hot in excellent shape and on ...

anyhow, we never made it to s** because I was paranoid one of them would wake up. we both felt really guilty but couldn't stop. we kissed, i stroked his **** a little, he sucked on my b****** and rubbed his hand on my ass the entire time. Hot.

we havent discussed this since it happened which was a few months ago or so.. havent had the change to talk alone or at all really...

Aug 20, 2011

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  • Analysis paralysis! Don’t overthink, let it happen.

  • The only way to figure this out is to finish what you started. You've already essentially done the deed not get that c*** inside you pronto.

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