Break up?

Dont get me wrong, I LOVE my boyfriend, and I would never want to see him hurt. Lately we havent had as many intimate get togethers. We havent talked as much, or seen eachother as much. I try to make get togethers but he always seems too busy. I mean he is really succesful in his job and everything.

But then again. there is this other guy. He works at a coffee shop down the street from me. He Is really nice. We went for lunch one day, not as a date, and i could tell he really liked me. I really liked him. He was cute funny. and he made the time for me. I could see myself really starting a family and everything with him. but i dont know what to do with my boyfriend. I do love him
and he is nice... but just not as nice as before...

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  • Don't take everything so seriously. Life is meant to be enjoyed. And so are men. Enjoy your boyfriend, but give the other guy an audition, or two, or eleven. You'll never know if the new man is someone you'd want to be with without being with him. Get it? Good, so go have fun with "the other man". :)

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