Going back to college

Its my second year of college now and I just started back up. Im taking anti-depressants and a few other vitamins and fish oils to hope I won't get into a horrible slump that dropped my GPA down in the 1.5s and gained the freshman 50

I eat alone at college and look at all the people eating with their friends while Im looking around in jealousy.
I get jealous when I see people having fun.

I have no one to call. Confessioners, what do I do? Im academically a sophomore but socially considering myself a freshman before "College Orientation"

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  • Suicide?

  • I am a non-traditional student meaning that I am older than my peers and returning to college after many years in the workforce, so I hope my advice is not taken to be from someone who does not know what you might be experiencing. There is no need to be jealous of others. Jealousy in any fashion whether over finances, physical attributes, social status, etc just makes a person miserable no matter where they are in life. If there is any way to wean off anti-depressants, this would be a good thing as depending on chemical stimulation for contentment is not the best form of personal peace. If you can, join a group of some kind, even if it's something that you are not super excited about. They will likely have meetings that you will be not only welcome to attend, but maybe even expected to attend. This can give you a social schedule where you know you will have social interaction on a regular basis. You may even want to take on some responsibilities in the group which will bring more interaction between you and the members of the group. Consider diversifying your friend base. Consider being friends with different types of people of different ethnicities and geographical origins. This can bring not only diversity into your social life, but it can help to have different perspectives from friends who may have different ways of solving problems that you may encounter during your school career. Be cautious of investing all of your time in a romantic relationship. This can lead to isolation from our social environment. Even if one is married, having a life outside of that social cocoon is encouraged as it allows you to bring something new to the table that they would not have otherwise experienced. Also, be cautious of investing too much time in a new relationship as it's failure could be very difficult as you may have a very small, or non-existent base of friends to support you at the moment if things go south. Exercise can help with anxiety, frustration, and self-image. Just 5-10 minutes a day should do it. No need to become a professional athlete. Consider religious faith of some kind by exploring different beliefs, or go to a worship ceremony with someone. Most religions are very welcoming to new comers. I hope these things I have mentioned can help. I practice these things and I am looking forward to the coming semester even though I seriously dislike writing papers : ) God Bless : )

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