I want to be with you jus not that much...

I have been in love with my bestfriend for almost 8 years now. I talk to him everyday, we hang out almost every other day. I want to be with him so badly but he doesn't want me right now.. I have told him how i felt and we talked about it. He said that he loves me 2 and we are probably gonna get married in the future.but right now he wants to man w**** first and i said ok ill go along because i dont want to lose him.but the complicated part is that we bang all the time and he still flirts, and kisses other girls in front of me.Like one of my friends alicse calls him her fake "boo thang". And they joke cake and stuff like that but last week when we came over he started to kiss her and feel her up in front of me. but the thing i hate about it is that cant get jealous at all. he could have any girl he want at anytime and im always there because he choose me as his wing man jus in case the chick he's with is crazy. idk what to do any more i feel like im spinning out of control what should i do???

Also im 18, and he is 21

Aug 22, 2011

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  • leav him..hes using u....

  • im a girl and yes we always use condoms

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