What should I do?

I'm in 8th grade, very attractive, I typically date older guys, and I'm very mature. Just this year I've dated 3 freshmen, 2 juniors, and 4 seniors. I've dated one of the freshman 8 times and have made out with at least half of the 9 of them. I've been offered s** by a majority and have said maybe because I'm actually considering it. They all know about each other and have each promised me that they'd stay around if I got pregnant with their child. If I did it, it would be with the freshman I've dated multiple times becuase he's said that he'd not only stay around but support me too because he has a source of financial income. We've talked it over and have agreed that we'd be one of the better sets of teen parents and know that our family will support us if we have any issues. I know I'd be a great mother but am still unsure. Should I do it or not?


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  • You morons will believe anything!! This was written by a 35 year old dude.

  • If you're really mature you would know to stay safe, get a college degree and then get a profession. Sounds boring??? Take it from me. Invest in yourself.
    Promises of taking care of you are just hot air.

  • You and your family are what intelligent people call 'trashy' ... You should probably not have kids, because you will be a terrible mother instead of just a terrible burdon on society. Suicide?

  • You are going to be soooooo disappointed with high school boys. Don't waste your time: you're too mature for them. Date much older guys, late-20s, early-30s, like that. I was like you when I was your age, and that's what I did. You'll be so much happier dating a guy who can take you out and buy you nice things and who knows how to take care of you.

  • H*** NO

  • Well since no one will say anything you want to here here is what I will say. My GF and I who were 3 years apart her 15 me 18 had s** all the time. You name it we did it tried it. We did use protection but not all the time. She did not get pregnant but it was always a worry. Get yourself protection condoms are best but one of the reasons we had s** with out condoms was because they would always break on us. Little did I know I was not the average guy. I thought I was small. Turns out I am large and the condoms broke all the time. Yes we were putting them on right. The pill is not full proof and a condom should be used as well along with the pill.

    Bareback there is no better feeling but safe s** for sure has its merits. Best thing you can do is talk to your parents. I know its hard but to be honest as parents we have all gone through these same feelings at some point. They will understand especially if it is as you say.

  • .....fake as f***............

  • Have all the s** you want, but please get on the pill. You are too young to have a kid. Do you realize how much you will be saddle down by a baby? You have a lot of life and fun ahead. Don't have a kid until you are at least in your 20s.

  • B**** stop that and use your head not your p****. You are and people like you are the reason why the world is in danger

  • I think you should stop dating these older guys and keep your legs closed until you graduate.

  • Meaning graduate from college with a master's degree.

  • You should be dating men who are beyond college age, men that have jobs, men that have money, men who can take care of you, men who know how to f***.

  • Uhhhhh, no. Please don't breed.

  • ^Totally true^. You aren't old enough. And you aren't smart enough.

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