No one even has a clue..

I live a double life. My friends and family always see me smile with out a worry about life. I pretend all is okay and they don't even have a clue... I lost my job a month ago and they think I have a savings which I've been using to pay my bills. They have no clue I've been sleeping with a man for money. My smiles are fake.. My life is fake.. All that is real is that ive been crying my self to sleep looking up ways which is easiest to kill my self. They don't even have a clue that inside I'm nothing.. I'm in pieces and all I want to do is die... They have no clue I'm going to kill myself..

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  • Everybody lost their job, seriously half the people in the country don't pay income tax because they're poor! Just tell the truth or tell them that your savings are tapped. It's just money, it's not life.

  • Please remember things are often not as bad as they seem. Your family and friends would want to help you, if they knew what you were going through. Don't leave them saying "if we knew we would have helped"

    Remember your family and friends love you and would help you for free, for nothing in return! Please DO NOT kill yourself. You are precious and your life is precious, talk to someone, if not a family or friend there may be a hotline or a counsellor, pastor in yoru area.

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