Your dead now

Sleep is leaving me behind now. I have dreams where you are still here and when I wake up and realize your still dead it turns into fresh pain.

I'm sorry I married him two days before. I only told you a day in advance that I was marrying Chris. Then the next day you died. Gone.

Just like that everything was inside out. You fell asleep coming back from work and the rock cut took you away. You were only 28 and I was falling for you all over again. It wasn't like last time
This time you were ready to be with me.

But I was scared. I picked the nice guy and not the one I loved. I did what I thought was the safe and secure thing for my daughter and I. I thought about you through the whole elopement. I knew I made a mistake. Before I could tell you, it was too late.

I dream about you every night. You were a best friend. Nate, I love you.
I wish I could turn things back but I can't. I know you loved me. Now that my regrettable four month long marriage is over I feel at peace.

I hope you will look out for me. I will need it. The biggest reason I even married him was so that while he was in another province that I could atay faithful. You were too much of a temptation. You were my real and only true choice. I love you. X


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  • Thank you and i dont want people to feel bad. I was lucky enough to know him. And he was messed up but he kept me seperate and precious from his problems. He was a truly great man.

  • What a sad confession. I feel bad for you.

  • People always seem perfect after they die.

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