He was supposed to be the one that loved me too much

The only reason I married him was because I thought he loved me too much and I was in a sense settling but that would be fine bc at least he truly loved me. Now 4 deployments later I mean absolutely nothing to him and he doesn't want to get help to even try to make it work. We have kids together for f***'s sake! Why can't you at least try if I'm supposedly the greatest wife and mother ever. Even though I fallen out of love a while ago I still can't help but cry bc he was supposed to be the one that loved me too much..

Jan 3, 2016

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  • Boo hoo, wipe your tears with your dependapotamus bene's and keep up the fake front like a good little soldier's wh0re

  • Please try to get into therapy so that you can get over the pain of losing someone that you thought you knew. You deserve better. Get help today and be well.

  • Umm. Maybe he has issues after deployment. ask him to at least go to the VA and talk to a therapist. Not just for you but for his sake..

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