Last time.

I feel like today will be the last time ill ever see you. the last time ill ever hold you, kiss you, or talk to you. your leaving tomorrow for college and although you wont be far away im afraid youll forget about me. When you left i cried, im still crying. Remember when we loved each other? I think we still do. Remember when we spent all of our time together and you practically lived here? I dont know what im going to do without you, we act like were still together but were not. You say we just arent good together, yet everything is fine between us now. I know weve had our problems before, but thats because of the stress we were both under. I love you, ill always love you. You are the only one ive ever really cared about. i just want to be with you honey, we can make it work i swear. I understand your busy and we cant be together every day, but i dont need that, i can handle much more then you think as long as your in my life. Everythings better when your around, i love you so much. please dont forget that, or me, or what we could be together.

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  • Well look at all the weight and fat falling off me everyday so fast and how healthy i am now. and I am richer and prettier. never the last time. it goes on and on til I am at my best always and infinity.

  • Forget it and go get fuckd

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