Did That Really Happen?!

Three nights ago I woke up suddenly and I'm quite sure my bedroom door shut as I woke up. It startled me and my heart was beating fast. Then I realized the my p**** was erect and sticking out of the hole in my boxers. This has happened before but this pair of boxers has a button that has to be undone. And my b**** were out of the hole too.
The only people home were my parents, little brother, and my sister and her friend. I suppose it could have been my brother but I doubt it. I'm pretty sure either my sister or her friend snuck into my room and played with my c*** while I was asleep. I get turned on thinking it might have been her friend. It could have been my sister being curious I'm not sure she'd go that far.

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  • You know why this 'confession' has over 700 views and no comments? BECAUSE ITS BULLSHIT, THAT'S WHY

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