Family chaos

My 19 year old daughter has lost her mind!!! My second marriage is to a military guy. He is stationed overseas. I knew he had an estranged son living in California. We live in Ohio. His mother had to have a major surgery and we were asked to have him stay with us for three weeks. I agreed for my husbands sake.
Well we quickly found out why he and his father have been at odds. He is very rude and arrogant. But around day three of his visit we found out another secret. On that morning he walked into the kitchen to grab something. He walked in wearing only boxers. Me and my daughter were sitting at the kitchen table. My daughter started poking me in the side and pointing. Suddenly I saw it. OMG! His p**** was hanging down his leg and poking out of the leg of his boxers. It was huge! He just walked around the kitchen and then out like it was nothing. Neither of us had ever seen anything like it. I mean his father is above average but nothing like this. We both couldn't stop talking about it and wondering actually how big it was.
Well nature took its course. A couple of nights later I woke up in the middle of the night and thought a my bedroom TV was on. I saw it was not and the noise was coming from down the hall. I walked out of the bedroom and realized the noise was coming from my daughters room. It sounded like she was being killed! I knew what was happening.
I confronted her the next morning and she admitted she and her step brother had s**. And she was proud of it! She went on and on about how good it was. Also making sure to give me the answer to the question of how big it was, A little over 11 inches.
Apparently she told him I knew because he got even bolder. One morning he came out of the bathroom completely naked. He walked past me as if nothing were wrong with it. Another evening he actually sat on the couch and pulled it out stroking it with me in the room. I think he wanted to f*** me too.
For his three weeks he slept in my daughters room nightly and they were not quiet.
He finally left for home. My daughter says she is going to visit him in California soon. She is 19 and I can't do anything about it.

walked down the hall to the bathroom. I heard something downstairs so I walked downstairs and the noise got louder. It was actually coming from the basement. I quietly opened the door to

Jul 13

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  • Are you jealous that he is f****** your daughter and not you? Go ahead f*** him, you know that you want his large c*** stretching out your p****!

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